Social values are more important than economic values

Social values are more important than economic values

Social values are more important than economic values


They say that it is morals and etiquettes that make us civilized and not merely development in terms of economic structures. Human beings transformed not magically from apelike early men to what we are today; it was only when we started learning social values that brought the slow and steady change.

But the other side would say that without economic values, nations would remain underdeveloped and cursed like the third world countries. Under the tormenting lack of economic values, people lose their minds and all social values are forgotten. That’s why people do not think twice before committing a crime when they are allured with monetary gain.

Is it social values that keep us sane in times of distress or the mere satisfaction of the fact that we are economically secure that gives us the power to struggle through tough bends of life? It is not just social values that protect us from going rogue or is it the fear of losing economic values that keep us in check of good and bad; the fact that we will be judged and that would affect our economic status in society.

Social values:

1. Acceptance: Caste system and untouchability dominated our society for years and those were the gloomy days when people suffered under the wrath of these social evils. Only after reforms were brought, the society opened up to acceptance and became so much better. There can never be peace and integrity where the social values of acceptance and tolerance are not prevalent. Even during the reign of British Raj in India, it was more of our social backwardness that kept us in the doom than the oppression of the colonialism.

2. Changes from within: If a country wants to prosper, economic development alone cannot bring the transformation. We are demanding world class infrastructure and facilities but at the same time we do not let our minds and hearts open up to cross cultural diversities, there will be no point in trying for change. To become a better person, a better nation as a whole, would require better social values and willingness to change narrowed mentality of years. If you want western style of education, why not start by appreciating western open-minded values too.

3. Mother of evil: When there is discrimination in terms of color, religion, caste, gender and nationality, there will surely prevail a feeling of hatred for the ones who are given priority. The ones poorly treated will resolve to avenge and that brings in revolutions – some of which change the society for good and the other give birth to evil miscreants who spread terror and hatred in the name of vengeance. All the revolutions in history started because of a lack of social values.

4. Makes you what you are: Good education and high living can make you a successful person, no doubt, but unless you are instilled with social values right from the preliminary age, you are not a good person. To be able to respect others, keep calm when things don’t work your way, to be able to feel through the pain of others, compassion for those around you, and a motive to work in a way that brings light to everyone is what makes you a good person.

5. Lack of thereof can get you in trouble: Different countries have different ways of expressing gratitude and their social values also differ. You could land yourself in trouble if you are travelling in a foreign nation and not willing to be generous and comply with their values. You cannot get drunk in some nations, in others you are not allowed to drink in certain months of the year, in some nations you are strictly required to not litter in public, in our case you cannot show affection to your partner in public – try not complying with these rules and you can land yourself in serious unwanted problem.

6. Lack leads to crime: Not every poverty ridden person treads to the wrong way of crime. It is only when there is lack of social values along with economic values that these people get manipulated to follow the wrong way.

Economic values:

1. You get what you want: If you have everything that you want right from the beginning, you will want nothing. Good education, satisfactory career, a comfortable life and having acquired or in the process of acquiring all that you want is what brings happiness and a happy man is a peaceful man. Ask those who have been denied these necessities to know what they mean and how important they are. It is not social values that make their life good but economic values that gives us happiness.

2. Lack brings evil: Poverty and ill living conditions instigate people to earn money the easy way which is usually the wrong way. They are easily manipulated by social miscreants with the promise of good money and better life. By this I do mean that only poor people become criminals; crime is committed for various evil reasons but the most dominant one of them is the lack of economic values. You are vulnerable when you lack something that is an absolute necessity of life.

3. Economic help is more preferred: When government brings social reforms to people, it is for the betterment of the nation but it is not always well received by everyone. When a government brings in economic aid to people, it is cherished like never before. The move is more plausible and that government is expected to last longer. This proves that people need economic values more than social values. When you are hungry for food, you cannot concentrate on free education being provided by the government.

4. No social change without economic help: Child labor continues to prevail in our country despite there being several measures to prevent children from being exploited. The mere reason is not the lack of social values but the lack of food and shelter for these children. They are in need of providing for themselves and also for their family. They voluntarily and not by force choose to work in order to bring bread to the family.


There can be no peace without social values and hence they are more important than economic values. The basic reason why India continued to be oppressed for years under colonial rule is because we were busy fighting our own social reforms. It is only after we accepted our unity that we were able to win back our freedom. The dispute that started for power and religion divided our nation into two and the two parts continue to fight till this date. Only if we had more social value, we could have prevented the entire dispute right when it originated.

What makes India far better as a nation than Bangladesh or Pakistan is our social values, the way we appreciate our diversity and live together despite having frequent clashes. Whatever people might say about the existence of intolerance in India, the fact continues to remain that we still continue to peacefully coexist at large.
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