SOP to AAP supporter for non-payment of power bills

SOP to AAP supporter for non-payment of power bills

Delhi government has decided to dole out those who had supported AAP party in its electricity – water movement before election by not paying power bills. The government has decided to give 50% waiver on pending power bills and full waiver of penalty that had accrued due to non-payment.

The decision has been clearly taken arbitrarily and unilaterally that sop is only for AAP supporters. A government is answerable for all not just its patrons. It is sending a clear message that the government will reward only those who would support in its disobedience movement. The waiver is biased against those who are law abiding.

If the legislatures won’t abide the law and leave such precedent then dishonesty will only prevail everywhere. We are seeking a dangerous situation for our society. This kind of act has no moral and legal justification and has to be condemned in high pitch from rooftop.

We need huge reform in Income Tax. Tomorrow somebody ask to stop paying income tax and those who support in the movement will dole out from honest and law abiding tax payers’ money. Aren’t we punishing honest people?

This will cause anarchy and we can’t allow this kind of deadly disease to erupt in the names of reform.
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