Sourav Ganguly Should Be Selected The Coach Of Indian Team

Sourav Ganguly Should Be Selected The Coach Of Indian Team

If the reports are to be believed, a Cricket Association of Bengal insider has disclosed that the former India captain Sourav Ganguly has informally expressed his desire to become the coach of Indian team. He had an informal talk with the BCCI President Jagmohan Dalmiya on the matter. The BCCI Committee is expected to have the meeting to talk on the available options on April 26. What is your view? Should Sourav Ganguly be selected as the coach of Indian team?


- Sourav Ganguly is the man under whose leadership Indian cricket learned to give its best shot to win the game.

- With Sourav Ganguly as coach, someone in the Indian team may learn to hit the perfect cover drive.

- One of the prime objectives for BCCI is to improve the Indian performance in overseas test and under Sourav Ganguly’s guidance the overseas record might improve.

- A high profile coach will allow BCCI board to simply relax as the team responsibilities will be assigned to a man who knows how to take the calls.

- If Sourav Ganguly is selected as a coach, then Indian team will finally get a coach who is not mute. Duncan Fletcher in his tenure as Indian coach has hardly spoken to the media.

- Ganguly has a reputation of being a go-getter who enjoys challenges and possesses an ability to identify and nurture talent. He knows how to bring the best out of the players.

- Ganguly is not famous for his technique but he is known for his mental side and that will be the real contribution to the team. Indian team can come out of play safe ideology, particularly in tests.


- One of the major problems that can be seen is the clash of epic egos. We are talking about the ego clash of Sourav Ganguly and Virat Kohli. The friction can prove harmful for Indian team.

- On the flip side, Sourav Ganguly has always had his dislikes and likes. Yuvraj Singh can see a comeback and Harbhajan can be included in all test as well as one day series.

- Sourav Ganguly would be a high profile coach and that doesn’t support the role of team Director currently held by Ravi Shastri.

- The coaches are supposed to do the menial jobs like reach the ground before the team, get the nets set up and likewise. Ganguly doesn’t seem to be someone who can do that.

- If Sourav Ganguly becomes coach of Indian team, his football team Atletico de Kolkata would lose the flavor.


If Sourav Ganguly becomes the coach of Indian team, it would be a good thing as the team would emerge as a fighting unit working on his no-nonsense approach. As of now, working with the young cricketers might seem a tough task, but he knows when to appreciate and provide them the confidence. At the end of the day, everyone knows how to play the game, but knowing how to compete with mental strength is an all together a different thing.
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  • RE: Sourav Ganguly Should Be Selected The Coach Of Indian Team -Deepa Kaushik (04/23/15)
  • Sourav Ganguly is a good candidate to think of the coach for our Indian Team. Being the ex-player of the Indian cricket team, he is well aware of the ups and downs and the loopholes in the equipment as well as the performance part of the players. He can guide the players well regarding the game strategy. Most importantly, being an Indian, we can expect the same spirit of victory and the enthusiasm as seen in the players.

    Though Ganguly is not well recognized for his special strokes, yet we have always found him as a capable captain who has led the team for a longer period of time. We can foresee the similar team bonding amongst the players with his presence around. Also, he can guide the players well for the game strategies on the foreign pitch.

    The counter part of his coming into action as a coach is his favouritism for the players. this could open up the positions for the older players who might not be in the form, and there is possibility for the young performing champs to lose their position from the team. Also, we have evaluated Ganguly well as a player. Still, the role of the coach is much different and we cannot expect Ganguly to fit in to the best as a coach.