Spirituality v/s Scientific temper

Spirituality v/s Scientific temper

Scientific Temper word was used by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in 1946. It means more of having a realistic attitude rather than blindly following or believing the things. It is in fact a way of rationalizing and analyzing the things. Question about what is happening and then get the answer on the basis of tests and facts. It is all about using the science for development of humans. And coming to spirituals it is based more on peace of mind rather than questioning it on facts and figures. The two terms signifies the same thing at some points whereas somewhere it is just the opposite. SO, let us check out the fight of Spirituality v/s scientific temper:

• Scientific Temper is helping the people to get a better hand on technology especially in healthcare and communication, still people need spirituality to come out of the ill-effects of health and mental disturbance to seek a better life.

• Spirituality can be called the thesis of wisdom, and Scientific Temper considering just the facts and tests can be called as its antithesis.

• Scientific Temper finds solutions to all the existing problems, and then is given up with a new problem by Mother Nature whereas spirituality is the path to get the ultimatum solution.

• Spirituality in India talks about Vedanta that lays focus on knowledge coming from the saintly virtues and qualities disagreeing with the concept of Scientific Temper that states knowledge is independent of ethics.

• Spirituality works with having the faith on unseen and scientific temper works on questioning the faith of unseen. Scientific Temper is more about faith coming with proof.

• Spirituality is more about revelation whereas Scientific Temper is more about the logical deductions.

• Scientific Temper aims to achieve the luxurious and comfortable life and Spirituality aims to achieve peace of mind.

• Scientific Temper teaches how to do things right whereas spirituality teaches how to stop the inner self from doing wrong.

• Scientific Temper gets the success in the things that are in world but hidden, whereas spirituality goes for finding answers beyond human control.

• Scientific Temper digs the nature whereas Spirituality stays in peace with nature.


Scientific Temper and Spirituality both leads to search but the search objective differs. Also, if the spirituality ends uncertainties, the other enhances it. The key is to have a synthesis. The combination of the conflicting elements can only pave for the overall human progress. It is the way to put an end on the increasing global problems and work for humanity well being.
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  • RE: Spirituality v/s Scientific temper -JYOTI (05/02/15)
  • Spirituality is the ultimate science of god.spirituality starts when scienitific temper end
  • RE: Spirituality v/s Scientific temper -Ash (04/29/15)
  • The comparison of the terms Spirituality and scientific temper begins with the very definition of these terms. In layman's terms we can define Spirituality as the study and understandability of the spirit or the subconsciousness and scientific temper can be defined as the way to reach a solid concensus based on facts given.
    Both of these can be referred to as 'Search' terminologies!!
    Both seek answers to everyday questions with the basic difference in the methods of acquisition of the answers.
    So they can termed as two sides of the same coin, the coin here depicting method of finding the answers.
    Without any one side, the coin is meaningless and wothless.
    We can say that we have found the final solution to a question when spiritual approach and scientific temper have agreed to the solution.
    Otherwise our solution will always have some or the other demerit to it.
  • RE: Spirituality v/s Scientific temper -Deepa Kaushik (06/27/14)
  • Life runs on a balanced equation. For a charge to flow, every positive channel need a negative terminal too. Similarly, for any field to progress, there has to be its anti-principles which could question its basis and help in its progress. Both spirituality and science are opposite terminals which need to combine for the existence of human being.

    Spirituality finds its basis on vitality, and unseen force which emerges to rule everyone. However, science always searches for the various ways to prove the existence of its theory. Both have its good and bad virtues. A world of spirituality alone becomes none less than the superstition. The more people try to get through the values of spirituality, more they become prone to the superstitious thinking.

    Science again, though can list down a lot many merits, but it can never refuse to have some or the other de-merit following the same. With every new invention, the side-effects follows and some new diseases get developed. Every new medication is followed by a more resistant species. If these proceeds in the same manner, the day is not far when we will be unable to reverse the bad-effects of the scientific development.