Super Intelligence and AI: Boon or Bane?

Super Intelligence and AI: Boon or Bane?

Super Intelligence and AI: Boon or Bane?

Science and technology have now reached a level of evolution where computers can recreate human level intelligence. One of the most widely anticipated scientific developments of our time, artificial intelligence or “super intelligence” has taken the world by storm. But renowned scientist Stephen Hawking has cautioned that whether artificial intelligence will be our greatest benefit or our biggest downfall remains a question.

The noted scientist also argued“ when it eventually does occur, it’s likely to be either the best or worst thing ever to happen to humanity, so there’s huge value in getting it right.” Dire predictions that AI may spell the end of the human race are not few and far between. Tesla founder Elon Musk has also questioned the benefits of super intelligence, in opposition to Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Success in creating AI could be the biggest event in human history, but could also be the last. He has made his worry clearer now. Hawking’s case is that AI may one day take off on its own, redesign itself and replicate at a fast pace and supersede the human race, whose biological evolution cannot keep pace with it. US technologist Elon Musk said that AI might turn out to be a demon which could pose the biggest existential threat to the human race. Are these a sign of the times to come? Is AI a boon or a bane? Let's see in this group discussion, what the future holds for us.


1. Marrying Creativity With Technology

At the most basic level, AI is a robotic machine that thinks creativity and intelligently and acts autonomously. This has many benefits rather than a unidimensional technology that cannot think or work on its own. The benefits of AI far exceed the apprehensions.

2. Meeting Our Daily Needs

Though we don't realise it, we are already surrounded by Siri, Alexa and GPS or face detection, which are all applications of AI. Without super intelligence, our lives would be tough to manage. Even the most basic smartphone uses AI. Super intelligence forms the cornerstone of the digital revolution and so many aspects of life are simpler thanks to this marvellous technology.

3. Safety Factor

Presently and in the future as well, AI has a world of applications. Fields like mining or defence can be hazardous to human health, leading to disease or injury. Using drones or robots prevents this from happening.

4. Error-Free

AI is error-free. Making room for human error is one of the biggest stumbling blocks of industries, innovations and science and technological developments. Getting the precision only a robot is capable of has its advantages.

5. Stepping into Space

Solving problems which no man can, AI is a boon to the human race. Super intelligence can even facilitate space exploration and literally go where humans cannot.

6. Learning From Experience

AI systems also learn based on usage and experience. How many humans can replicate the same level of success? AI as super intelligence is a boon in so many ways. Its rich experiential learning is another positive aspect.


1. Robots Acquiring Power

Science fiction and futuristic films have often projected scenarios of robots acquiring the power to challenge their human creators. HAL 9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey and the cyborg assassin in the Terminator are relegated to products of imagination. But today's imagination could well be tomorrow's reality.

2. A Question of Ethics

Ethical robots would be the need of the hour, given the value systems and accountability critical for its efficient functioning. But how can a robot be taught human values? Consider Data in Star Trek, who could not cry! Dabbling in AI can have serious ethical complications, especially if artificial intelligence exceeds human.

3. Used by Criminals

“The One-Hundred Year Study of Artificial Intelligence,” hosted by Stanford University and led by Microsoft Research director Dr. Eric Horvitz, is set to monitor AI advances in key areas including key opportunities, democracy and freedom, law, criminal uses, human-machine collaboration, autonomy, and loss of control. Therefore, crime is one grey area where AI's role remains unexplored. Criminals could use robots and super intelligence, much like hacking drones to cause serious damage to nations and citizens.

4. Seizing Our Jobs

AI could take our jobs and source of sustenance. As machines and robots grow sophisticated, non managerial positions and labour intensive tasks are especially under threat.

Robots are not taking jobs, they are merely redefining them. AI requires recognition of patterns of data in a context and so humans remain essential to the process. For example, can Siri Google anything without being asked first? Humans supply inputs to ensure AI produces correct outputs.

But though we’re a long way from building machines that are smarter than humans, innovation and time could conquer all.

From answering queries to predicting future of your love life, to beating chess grandmasters, a lot is already being said and written about AI. Movies depicting the technology like Matrix are world famous. Destructive tools like 3D printed weapons already exist for sale in reality, though. Killer drones could be next, forcing a new kind of accounting with the technological genie. Therefore, AI norms and protocols are essential because though machines hold every human wish as a command, not all humans have the rationality to use robots for right and ethical practices.
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  • RE: Super Intelligence and AI: Boon or Bane? -Intelligence and AI - group discussion (05/11/18)
  • Boon or Bane, Super Intelligence and AI are there to stay. Companies are eyeing to improve productivity and reduce expenses, taking over human AI and robots can achieve these goals. Jobs market will have to bear the brunt of automation, but businesses will flourish with steep rise in bottom line. With more production, business will grow leaps and bounds and in turn economy will rise. More investment in the area of R&D and innovation will be undertaken, thus more people will be required for these purposes. While many job posts will be obsolete, new technologies will open window for many new opportunities. Advancement will bring more smile than sadness. The work load will be reduced drastically, people will find more time for family and feel less stressed. They won't have to juggle with so many things as machine will do majority of their work.
  • RE: Super Intelligence and AI: Boon or Bane? -Group Discussion (04/12/18)
  • Technology evolution is inevitable, calling it a threat to mankind is not justified. AI has been our part of life even now in the form of computer, mobile, satellites etc. They are nowhere a stumbling blocks and have been helping and assisting us in a massive way. While they are responsible for obsoleting some kind of jobs but also creating many new areas of opportunities. This evolution is unstoppable, we will have to realign ourselves as per the requirement. The wild talk of AI superseding human and will be advanced enough to redesigned and managed on their own looks to be highly apprehensive at the moment. And if that ever happens, we will be equip enough to tackle the situation. AI is being developed by us and not the other way round.
  • RE: Super Intelligence and AI: Boon or Bane? -Super Intelligence and AI: Boon or Bane? (03/23/18)
  • In a cut-throat competitive market and brisk paced advancement in technologies, AI is inevitable. Striking a proper balance will propel our growth and help to ease life in many ways. People had similar problem with computer as well but look how it has helped us to organize and speed up our work. AI is just an advancement of technologies. It can replace human, it will only be a tool to make work easier.
  • RE: Super Intelligence and AI: Boon or Bane? -Ujwal (03/21/18)
  • AI will always be a boon if we use it in limited domains such as weather information, complex computations etc. One fact I don't agree is humans will be able to build something that he can not control anymore, that is the limit this nature has put on us. So the movies we see is highly hypothetical developing an AI with its emotional dynamics is impossible. So when we build such things we can always take care of what we want and ensure such technology does not fall into the bad hands. With this being said we should always look forward to develop AI in a way and only way where threat is not involved such as using an AI in the defence and nuclear stock pile control can be avoided previously. Finally what I say things will be always in our control when they are the manifestation of our own. If in future this AI become threat we can always prevent it because after all it our manifestation.
  • RE: Super Intelligence and AI: Boon or Bane? -Naveen (03/16/18)
  • I thought that si and ai are bane to human race .because it don't know the human values and it is tough that human can't survive without GPS and face recognition apps .but it seized the jobs to human race . House hold things are also replaced by robots in the future .so according to my views it is a bane to human race.
  • RE: Super Intelligence and AI: Boon or Bane? -Shruti Shrabya (10/31/17)
  • Artificial Intelligence is a boon to future of human existence. It minimizes the error and is applied to various studies. It helps to overcome the human limitations. Smartphone, computer games are the example of the usage of Artificial Intelligence. The machines that are related to AI don not need breaks like humans, they perform program for long hours without getting bored or tired.
  • RE: Super Intelligence and AI: Boon or Bane? -Pankaj soni (09/01/17)
  • Today when we talk about AI which will use AI in future
    For our benefit. But someone will be miss use robot which
    Bases on AI. I think everyone can be used terrorism attack,
    Military system, commercial purpose, education purposes
    And satellite purpose. If everyone should used good direction
    Of AI. Otherwise that AI much more dangerous for human being
    .so AI give new invocation by scientific pepole. When we will use
    I think we can use our time. And finish our work less time.