Surrogacy Bill is unfair to homosexuals and singles

Surrogacy Bill is unfair to homosexuals and singles

Surrogacy Bill is unfair to homosexuals and singles

On one side, big time speculative shows are being made by political parties to show how they are fighting to bring in living rights to homosexuals and on the other side, we are still debating and leaving them out of equations when it comes to having a normal and smooth family life.

The same goes for singles. The whole concept of marrying when you are “of the age” is being defied but at the same time being a single requires one to stay out of pleasures of starting a family. If singles and homosexuals can adopt, why can’t they be allowed to become parents through surrogacy if they can, well, afford it?


1. Statistics: Foreigners turned to India to opt for surrogacy - this included straight couples, gay couples as well as singles that also required donated eggs or sperms. It is a whopping $2.5 billion industry, supporting the livelihood of poor women and families who are more than willing to loan wombs for the nine months that follow. When they are consenting adults, they should have the freedom to do what they want.

2. Barring foreigners: Every year more and more foreigners, mainly homosexuals and singles turn to India to get themselves children through surrogacy. The new bill is downright barring foreigners from having any child through an Indian surrogate. For them it was cheaper to get that in India but for the consenting surrogate mothers, it was a big amount they received and that helped them with some relief from the impoverished lives they life.

3. We need to accept homosexuals: Even though it is scientifically evident that homosexuality is a natural phenomenon, we are not ready to accept the simple fact that could go a long way in helping homosexuals live a normal and stress free life. They are looked down upon as disease that will catch up. They are forced to hide their sexual identity and traumatized to live a fake life. Even though we know that they deserve the right to live a normal life, we are creating hurdles such as this bill that would keep them from the chances of a normal family life.

4. What’s wrong with being a single parent? He or she could be well settled and independent enough to start a family all on their own and we do applause the success they have achieved. Why is marriage of such an importance when they are not the least bit interested in the whole idea of it? If a widowed mother or a father could take care of all the needs the needs of a child or more, there is every bit of hope that singles can be good parents too.

5. Unnecessary restriction: These provisions that keep singles and homosexuals out of the context of surrogacy are unnecessary and overtly restricting. It is like dictating out that being homosexual or single is a crime in the ancient county of ours.

6. Ban and the black door opens: Rich and influential people will still manage to get their whims fulfilled. If they want a surrogate, they will have one by hook or by crook. It is only the not so privileged who shall face the burden.


1. Unrecognized: Homosexuality is not yet a legal concept in India. Being single just for the fun of it is also regarded as undue effect of the western culture. When these things still remain the undressed elephant in the room, there is no point in expecting equal surrogacy rights for singles and gays. Like it or not, our society still goes by the rule that in order to have a normal family life, you need to be straight and married at the “right age.”

2. Foreigners only benefit from it: Singles and gays seeking children through surrogacy happen only with foreigners seeking Indian surrogates at a very cheap price to pay. They do exploit our people since for them we are still the underdeveloped third world country meant to fulfill their whims and demands.

3. Why not adopt a child instead? Singles and homosexuals looking for a family life with the joys of having a child to raise can always adopt children who are more than wanting help for a better life. If it takes a child to complete a family and in the case of singles and homosexuals given that wither the sperm or the eggs are coming from someone else, why can’t you adopt an entire baby and devote your life to bringing hope to them?

The government is looking forward to relaxing the provisions of the surrogacy bill and we can only hope that homosexuals and singles get their freedom to a normal family life by being allowed to have a child through surrogacy.
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  • RE: Surrogacy Bill is unfair to homosexuals and singles -Jokoshy (09/02/16)
  • If u r gay then how can u enter into str8 relationship utter foolish comments from fools .. First off all if u r every keen on adoption y don't u do it first even if u can HV ur own baby why don't u Go
    for adoption there is no gay or straight is just a realtionship it just the fools like Rajesh make ppl life hell.
  • RE: Surrogacy Bill is unfair to homosexuals and singles -Rajesh (09/02/16)
  • If someone is really keen on having a child and experience the joy of bringing them up , adoption definitely looks like a better option. If you really wanted your own child, you would get into a straight relationship, as you know the outcome before getting into a homosexual relation or staying single.