Technological advancements and changing work policies

Technological advancements and changing work policies

Technological advancements and changing work policies provide the people with an option to work from home rather than the office where they meet the team face to face.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of working from home?

“Work from home” is a new work culture created by the technological advancements. It has both positives and negatives. The various advantages this culture provides are:

- Lot of hidden costs which are associated with going to work are saved like fuel cost, wear and tear of the vehicle, parking costs etc.
- It provides flexibility to an individual to adjust his routine according to his convenience.
- It reduces various kinds of stress like the one involved in commuting due to traffic, or due to unfriendly co-workers, or due to suboptimal work environment to name a few.
- Since the stresses and distractions are removed, hence the performance may increase due to more relaxed and happier frame of mind of the person.
- The health of the person may also increase. This is because long commutes often in the high traffic areas badly impact the physical and mental health of people.
- It leads to better work – life balance.

However, there are lots of dis-advantages as well which are incorporated in this culture like:

- If practiced for a long duration, professionals working from home start feeling a sense of isolation and loneliness.
- Though official distractions are reduced, but work from home also provides other forms of distractions like children, neighbours, friends, family etc.
- Not everyone is good in separating work from home.
- Since there is no one to enforce strict and definite hours, work may stretch beyond regular hours
- One may feel alienated from daily company routine and there is a danger of getting overlooked for promotion.

Hence, work from home has both positives and negatives. It depends upon a person how he/she handles this culture and extracts benefits out of it.
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  • RE: Technological advancements and changing work policies -rishika jalan (04/14/14)
  • With technological advancements, the work culture has witnessed a tremendous change and is being greatly followed by companies and individuals throughout the world. The new norm which is adopted by almost all companies is the new culture of “work from home”. In this work system employees are allowed to work from home through the internet and computer and submit it within time to their employers. This has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. Though the negative impacts are just a few but it cannot be overlooked.
    If practiced for a long time this kind of job makes the employee isolated and also detached him from a professional environment. Also balancing family and work together requires a lot of patience and perseverance. But when we see the positive effects of it, we get to know there are many. Working from home allows one to save a lot of hidden cost like travelling, fuel, office wear and others. One has full time flexibility and can manage his work according to his convenience. In times of ill health of a family member this form of work is very beneficial. Especially for working mothers who can work as well raise their children together. Thus technological advancements which have brought about a change in work policies have good as well as bad impacts.