The Good And Bad Of Rail Budget 2015

The Good And Bad Of Rail Budget 2015

The rail budget carries far greater expectations compared to Union budget as it is closely related with the everyday life of people. Rail Budget 2015 being the first maiden budget of BJP government has a lot more significance as the PM Narendra Modi himself emphasizes on the development of railways. While critics will express their views, it will be better to analysis the Rail Budget 2015 in both aspects. Let us check out some good and bad of rail budget 2015.


- The top priority was given to infrastructure with Suresh Prabhu laying out a large investment plan of Rs 8.5 lakh crore in the next five years.

- The budget supported the concept of co-operative federalism. The state government will be pro-actively involved in the planning and executive of key railway projects. They can enter into equity partnership with the Centre so as to generate capital for specific rail connectivity projects.

- There were several announcements done to benefit passengers like Operation 5-minute, toll free number 182 for security related complaints, and many others.

- Suresh Prabhu said that in order to generate funds it will enter into partnership with multilateral institutions and private sector. The assets will be monetized and not sold.

- The focus is laid on hygiene and cleanliness by making railways a part of Swachh Bharat Campaign. The motto given is Swachh Rail Swachh Bharat'


- There was no fair hike in the maiden rail budget of Suresh Prabhu. No investment can remain attractive until and unless it is supported by justified revenue.

- There were no new trains announced. It is again a drawback especially when there is a dire need for direct trains between some major stations.

- Although top priority was given to infrastructure, but still it came with a major drawback. The plan size allocated for the next fiscal has been increased by sharp 52% to more than Rs 1 lakh crore. It can lead to a delay in execution of infrastructure plans.

- There is a need to have clarity on the part of monetizing land assets pr public-private partnership. There was no need of one more extra cell. Instead government should have focused on measures that can help to resolve the implementation issues being faced by private container operators, wagon leasing, freight rebate scheme and others.

- The advance booking period extended to 120 days is seen as a positive factor. However, one should not forget that it will encourage touts to capture bulk of tickets in advance. It will not solve problems for common man. Also, the step will have a negative impact on already struggling airlines.


The dreams always look good. As of now it is the same case with rail budget 2015. Going by words and promises the budget looks great as it talks about investment and creating operational efficiencies. There is no doubt Indian railways need transformation. The problem, however, here is from where the funds will flow from to complete this projects. Private investors need a clear plan of from where the revenue will come from. If the government can execute the announced plans, it is definitely a good sign for Indian railways. But again big question is, Will BJP will be able to deliver on his promises?
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  • RE: The Good And Bad Of Rail Budget 2015 -Deepa Kaushik (03/06/15)
  • We are in a situation when we should be actually speaking the efficacy of the rail budget passed a decade before or even prior. Our Government and its plans are so laid back that we have not even cared to implement the plans in the specified term’s plan. We lay a lot many plans to be implemented, but not a single Government has cared to give the actual reasoning and clarification to the common man for the failure of the implementation of the so-called plans laid on their budget for the year.

    The rail budget has not given any special trains or so. The main focus has been on the infrastructural requirements and refining the already laid railway network. On a broader perspective, the outlook of the budget seems far more acceptable in comparison to the fake promises of increasing the number of trains etc. We cannot say this budget to be all sufficing with its huge plans demanding a huge expenditure in the near future. The implementation of the plans should be limited within the funds already available without any added burden on the common man in the form of taxes.

    The budget 2015 could have been far more better if it would have promised to fulfil some of the previous budgeted programs in the earlier rail budgets, if not in entirety. We can call this budget efficient only after looking to the actual and practical implementation of the laid down plans and principles.
  • RE: The Good And Bad Of Rail Budget 2015 -komal (03/02/15)
  • the rail budget 2015 is announced with many new features like 4 railway research centres are going to be start in 4 universities,these universities will try to research the problems associated with the rail and will come up with the new ideas for the improvement and development of the railways moreover it is very helpful for the disabled persons because the online booking facilities is launched for wheelchair for senior citizens. the satellite terminals are also going to be launched in metro cities, the country like india which suffers from the traffic problems this terminals are going to provide better management of rail are also going to be construct in the station which supports the swach bharat.for the security purpose the toll free number 182 is launched which will be run for 24 hours. this rail budget has added many new dimensions which will surely going to be helpful for the development of railways in india.