The performance of animals in circuses should be banned

The performance of animals in circuses should be banned

The health and safety condition for animals performing in circuses is very meagre. So is ban, the only solution or the condition of performing animals should be improved.


- The animals are wreaked with horrendous malice during their forced incarceration or training
- The living conditions for circus animals are very miniscule as they are trapped in cages or pens shaped houses which is very small for their habitat as compared to the jungles leaving them in pain all the time
- It is said, living beings are social creatures, hence it is applied for the animals as well; the circus animals being accommodated in cages deprives them from the social lives as well
- The circus people do not have much of funds to improve their conditions hence applying appropriate laws would be of no use
- The trainers, train the animals by punishing them or depriving them of food and even by abusing them physically
- High decibel of volume, bright lights also adds to their torment
- Circuses are held in different states, leading to regular transportation which is harmful for the animals, as they are not that adaptable with all kinds of climate also leading to a upsurge of the extinction


- Despite proscription of wild and imperilled species, smearing a complete ban over circuses is not necessary to be implied
- The circus industry is already in the attenuation phase, and if a ban is imposed it’s evident that it will be completely wiped out and so will be the populaces involved in the circus industry would be on the dole, hampering their life
- The commandments and the protection rights imposed on the circus industry has already steered in their shrinkage
- The injunction of the ban on performance of animals in circuses would persuade them to acquire wild animals by illegitimate methods like plundering of animals
- It would also lead in assimilating a large number of animals who are not medically fit to survive within the clan of wild animals, hence leading to their demise
- The animals might also lead in the expiring of the animals or may be the animals might be emaciated by the humans as there is grim space available for their shelter with the government
- As an alternative the government could make strict laws in regards to their welfare standards and conditions in which they are kept along with strict vigilance on the implementation of the laws
- Registration with the apt authorities should be made before the circus employees start training the animals and get it approved by the local authority in terms of their welfare and living conditions


- Circuses are entertaining for a lot of people, but if it’s on the cost of exploitation of animals, then a ban is necessary or the other alternative is to take care of the animals and keep them in a good and healthy condition.
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  • RE: The performance of animals in circuses should be banned -Shreya Mazumder (06/30/17)
  • It's very nice. The words used are very appropriate and can be well understood by each age group.
  • RE: The performance of animals in circuses should be banned -Sona Verma (07/27/16)
  • I am not agree with this point that animals should be banned in circus. because we have to think from both sides one side is from animal side and other one is the pepoles who is indulge in this business. because they are earning their livelihood from this. bur according to the point of animals we should make some certain laws. like there should be proper facility for the animals in the circus and zoo. their should be a good enviournment and food for the animals. there should be some maximum hours for that a animal can be used in that circuses, there should be a vigilance officer for these circus which can take care that laws made by the govt are followed or not.
  • RE: The performance of animals in circuses should be banned -yashvi bhatt (07/27/16)
  • This website has really worked for my project.Everything is defined in a proper manner and I am for the topic so many new points I have got from this website and yes I also think it should be banned because let animals also lead their life freely.
  • RE: The performance of animals in circuses should be banned -Rajani Sharma (12/14/13)
  • For:

    - As per PETA’s latest investigation, animals used in circuses are subjected to physical abuse, chronic confinement and psychological torment.
    - Under the threat of punishment, animals have to perform unnatural, uncomfortable, repetitious and often painful acts to entertain the audience otherwise they could be subjected to violent punishment.
    - Every animal deserves our respect and they should be treated respectfully and should not be used for our entertainment in travelling circuses.
    - The recommendation of ban on all the animals used in circus by animal welfare board of india is most welcome due to this more animals would feel comfortable coming out and showing themselves otherwise they will go extinct due to cruelty of humans.
    - Animals dream of running away from the circuses as they are forced to perform in circuses and they are even afraid of death.
    - During their forced captivity unbearable cruelty is inflicted on circus animals.
    - They have to spend their lives in cages that are minuscule as compared to the animals natural habitats
    - Most of the wild animals are housed singly in individual cages which deprive them of social lives.
    - When they are not performing they endure lifetime of misery. It has been found that their access to food and water are severely restricted. Elephants are kept shackled by 3 legs, wings of the birds are crudely clipped so that they cannot fly.
    - Government has already banned the use of bears, monkeys, tigers, lions and panthers in performances.
    - Statistics shows that mistreating animals or showing cruelty often leave a bad mark over the country when tourists come and visit the places and see the cruelty.
    - Unfortunately government regulations are not of much use as most circus tropes have only limited ability to improve their working conditions.
    - Poor training process which usually stress on punishments, like deprivation of food or even physical harmto animals.
    - Large crowd in circus, the heightened noise add to the torture of these poor animals.
    - As the circus troops transfer from one town to another due to which there is customary transfer of animals. They have to suffer loading, unloading, poor roads, constant weather change and inadequate supply of food and water
    - Many countries have already enforced such policies due to the harm and cruelty forced on the poor creatures, but we should also wake up and do our endeavors to make this earth a better place.


    - Animal Welfare Board has sought a ban on performance of all animals in circuses which is a not a answer to the animal welfare and animal protection.
    - The decision of ban on all kinds of animals in the circuses is overreaching.
    - Proscribing the use of all animals in the circuses will affect the shrinking circus industry
    - This decision will have a huge impact on the livelihood of the people working in this type of industry.
    - This will also encourage illegal procuring of wild animals, including poaching.
    - Another problem which will arise in the wake of this complete ban is rehabilitating a large number of animals not fit to survive in the wild.
    - Animals will perish or get ravaged by humanity due to dire shortage of space in the government rescue shelters.
  • RE: The performance of animals in circuses should be banned -Shikhar (10/15/13)
  • The performance of the animals in circuses should be banned

    The performance of animals should be totally banned in circus because in circus animals are not treated in a good manner. Animals cannot survive out of their natural habitat for a long time. Imagine if aliens take us and make us perform. Put you on place of animals and feel their pain and suffering. They cannot speak and express their feelings but we have brain. We always create trouble for them for our own fun and enjoyment.

    It has been ascertained there is health issue of the animals but it also gives employment to many people. Children are target audiences of the circus. They may enjoy the events seeing many animals performing live.

    I think we all are equally responsible for bad treatment of animals in circus. If children like circus, we elders must tell them that animals also feel, they also get sad when treated badly, separated from their groups, they also cry who will understand their feelings.

    Use of animals should be totally banned and who does not follow this should be prosecuted and animal protection laws should be made stricter.