The test of a successful man is not an ability to eliminate the problem before it exists, but to meet and resolve it whenever it arises - Group Discussion

They say that problems don’t come invited. No matter how much you prepare yourself for a problem, when it arises, it gives you jitters. Couple of times we lose our confidence and are unable to resolute the problem.


- A man who can foresee a problem and meet and resolve when it arises shows confidence and perseverance.

- It shows that you can keep your calm and resolve issues when they arise.

- Being able to meet and resolve a problem shows that you know a way to resolve it. When you know there is a way, you inevitably convert negative energy to positive energy.

- They say that “a problem is your chance to do your best”. Being able to resolve a problem when it arises makes you recognizable. People start to have faith in you.


- We can’t conclude that because somebody and foresee and resolve problems as and when they come, that person is successful. There are many other factors that create a successful man.

- We all learn from our mistakes. Even if we can’t resolve a problem, it turns into an experience.

- Because there are some problems beyond our control, we cannot resolve them. Eg. Inflation. This doesn’t mean we are not successful.

- It doesn’t matter that you can resolve a problem. What matters is how you resolve it. If the same problem keeps arising, it defies the purpose. For e.g. a doctor could predict a heart attack. When the patient suffers from a heart attack and is operate; how he is operated matters the most.

- It is not always possible to eliminate the problem before it arises. A problem could last for a long time.

We all have different definitions of success. While some of us believe that success is all about money, others believe that success is to overcome problems and difficulties that arise. It may be relatively easy to be successful, but to sustain that success is what counts.
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