Tips to automation proof your IT jobs

Tips to automation proof your IT jobs

Tips to automation proof your IT jobs

Automation will hit jobs hard. And it will hit the IT sector the worst. According to reports of an international consultancy firm, almost half of the current jobs in the sector will become invalid by 2022. This figure is damaging to the jobs of millions in India, not to mention the ones who are studying in the field at present will be in for a shocker if they aren’t better prepared by then. There are some things that will be beyond control and there isn’t anything that could be done about saving them from automation but there is some hope for others who are willing to learn, adapt and be prepared for the big change.

Here are some tips to stay prepared for the future

1. Sharpen your skills

Because that is going to take you places in the future when IT jobs start perishing. Training programs conducted by companies are extremely beneficial in re-skilling and up-skilling the current employees to stay in tune with the current trends. Whenever such an opportunity presents itself before you, make sure you don’t miss it.

2. Start envisioning

Make long term plans already! Start predicting and researching about the future needs of IT firms and start learning things that will make life easier for you later. These courses can prepare you better for automation. If there will be automated processes, there will still be need for those who know how to operate them. Train yourself for that.

3. Self learning

Companies select trainees and you may not always get the chance. If you feel left out of the circle, you can always go for online courses that are widely increasing for the IT sector. There are a number of free as well as paid online courses that will come handy for your job sooner or later. Massive open online courses (MOOCs) are a trend these days that one could safely follow.

4. Boot camps

If you are financially independent and can spare a good amount for courses, boot camps are to your rescue. They come up in every city these days and provide intensive short term trainings and courses that are very beneficial. They are in the business and know the skills that are required and hence very helpful at re-sharpening your IT skills.

5. Concentrate on hot areas

There are areas that will still be in demand after years. Start researching and focus your interest in those areas. These are the jobs that wouldn’t lose demand in the future even at the peak of automation. Some of these areas are:

  • Security experts and cloud capacity managers
  • Data architects, integration experts, Hadoop pros
  • Hardware, software, analytics experts
  • Programmers to tap internal, external power of APIs
  • Tech experts to lay the groundwork for enterprise AI/robotics
  • Broad and deep security chops
  • Digital artisans and product designers
6. Plan a start-up

Easier said than done but it could be your saviour in the future when jobs start becoming scarce. Have an idea, a team willing to join in and some extra fund kept aside for this purpose. Having a plan B will not only bring you security and hope for the future but also make you strive harder to learn new skills and stay updated with the current trends of the sector.

Some IT gurus are of the view that automation will kill some jobs but also create new ones. To be on the safe side, you must stay in tune with time and think at least three years ahead.
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  • RE: Tips to automation proof your IT jobs -Tips to automation (06/11/18)
  • Automation has been part and parcel of any field, new and advanced technologies will take over older versions. Employee should buck up to keep up with the fast changing trend. Enhancing skills, taking short term courses, keeping abreast with advanced technologies are some key defining factors to have stand out and long career.
  • RE: Tips to automation proof your IT jobs -Tips to automation proof your IT jobs (05/07/18)
  • Automation is a fantastic way to improve productivity at the lower cost. But the influx of AI and robots taking human jobs is a nightmare scenario for jobs sector. IT sector will also see severe brunt of automation, many jobs are eliminated leaving us to ponder how would jobless people survive in this tough world? Should India go for automation or should it delay its way to automation? While answering such question with absolute precision is not possible but we can say automation will give birth to many new opportunities. Reskilling and retraining would be important for all, stagnant people would be wiped out. Automation will see many start-ups to flourish, well experienced people will plunge to start their own company and many enterprising people will find their way to survive in this critical and testing time.
  • RE: Tips to automation proof your IT jobs -rahul (05/02/17)
  • thanks
  • RE: Tips to automation proof your IT jobs -Group Discussion (03/23/17)
  • Automation dims lights for many job aspirants but opens new windows. Those who are well prepared to take up changing market can see good career ahead. Following new trends and getting yourself tuned to them has been the way out for successful career. Online courses, certifications etc. can provide buoyancy at the time when job is scarce and automation is fueling job cut. Leading companies are mulling to scale down head counts, such news is disturbing and distressing, but it’s the inevitable phase and we should look to go past it successfully. Plunging into startup world and turning your idea into profit is the best way to crackdown such situation.