Top companies which hire students of Biosciences

Which are the top companies which hire students of Biosciences?

-Serum Institute of India
-Panacea Biotech
-Mahyco Monsanto Biotech
-Rasi Seeds
-Novo Nordisk
-Indian Immunologicals
-Venkateshwara Hatcheries
-Dr. Reddy’s Labs
-Piramal Healthcare.

Can you enlighten me with some Pros and Cons of Bioscience field?


-Rapidly growing field and has a global scope.
-Research scope is very vast and efficient.
-If you are able to surpass the initial hurdles, you will be successful in this profession.


-The number of seats in institutes is very limited in comparison to other fields.
-The initial phase of tests is very difficult to pass.
-The number of companies employing is less than in other fields.
-A lot of hard work and sacrifice is required.
-Not a profession for students who want to earn quick money.

Can you give me some tips for getting hired by a company in Bioscience?

-Apply to at least 5 to 8 companies listed above to increase your chances.
-Gain as much expertise and experience as you can before going for an interview.
-Settle for a salary which is reasonable at the onset.
-Before applying, explore the opportunities and growth prospects from the company.
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