Troubled marriage - Should you take it to Facebook?

Troubled marriage – Should you take it to Facebook?

Like a happily-ever-after story, we all would love to get married and live happily ever after with our partner. But stories usually do not speak of what happens after marriage. In real life, marriage is considered trouble. Due to silly or serious issues between partners, we come across a number of troubled marriages.

Facebook has become an integral part of our lives. Many people keep updating their status each and every minute. There are also couples who take their troubled marriage to such social networking sites. For example, Michael Ellsberg, an American author and public speaker, recently posted about his troubled marriage on Facebook. The Times of India called it 'the last taboo on Facebook'.

Should the troubled marriages be taken to Facebook? Let's take a look at it.

Yes – Take it to Facebook.

1. Sharing – In case of a troubled marriage, people can post things about their problems on Facebook or any social networking site as it helps them share their agony with their friends. Friends play an important role in overcoming personal sufferings.

2. Right to express - Each individual has the right to express his emotions whether on a personal level or on a social level.

3. Sense of relief – A troubled marriage is distressing for the partners. Sharing it on Facebook and talking about the issue with others, can be relieving.

4. Relationship status – It is important to inform your family and friends about your divorce or troubled marriage. Today, everyone has a Facebook account and thus, posting your relationship status on Facebook informs everyone at one go.

5. Meet new people – When you share your problems on a platform like Facebook, you may get response from people who are facing similar problems in their married lives. Exchanging advices and suggestions with such people can lighten your heart.

No – You should not take it to Facebook.

1. Privacy – You should maintain some privacy when you are dealing with personal issues like a troubled marriage. You should get the consent of your partner or ex-partner before making things public.

2. Spoils image – Posting about your troubled marriage on Facebook may spoil your and your partner's image.

3. Attention seeking – There are people who post about their troubled marriages on Facebook in order to get attention. Creating drama to get attention may not get encouragement from your Facebook friends.

4. Creates disturbance – Such negative social talking may create disturbances in other people's lives.

5. Harmful – Posting the reasons behind your troubled marriage on a social networking site may be harmful for the other partner. Posting issues from the past, it may affect both your and your partner's future.


Troubled marriage is a very personal matter. But it depends on a person whether he/she would like to share it on Facebook. At times sharing it with others may give you a bit of comfort but most of the times it leads to more issues between couples.
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  • RE: Troubled marriage – Should you take it to Facebook? -Deepa Kaushik (01/03/15)
  • Marriage or any relationship on this earth should be respected with pride. Marriage is a special bonding that is nurtured with trust and belief. Every couple have their privacy in the core sphere which should be maintained for the happy life. The married life has a special significance which runs on compromise and promise.

    Facebook is a social networking site. It ia there to maintain our friend and social circle. But the social cirvle should be kept at a distance from out private affairs. Discussing the personal relations on facebook is like announcing the same on the loudspeaker to the public. The public announcement would never resolve the issue but in turn would complicate the affair with a lot many comments, suggestions and unwanted discussion of a private matter.

    Taking the troubled marriage on facebook gives a foul smell to both the families ( both the boy and girl's side). It spoils the relationship within the couple further. Taking personal conflict to social media and making it a matter of debate to common man just worsens the gap and make it a never ceasing scenario. Hence, it would be never advisable to take troubled marriage on Facebook.