True religion cannot be misused

True religion cannot be misused


Religion can be termed as a manipulative word that is used by the common masses, various community groups and political parties for their use. The word meant to unite the people usually creates a line of difference between them. Following religion is the second name of living in peace. But are the people following the same path? Is their religion teaching them to follow a happy and harmonious path? No, it is not the fact. Religion has just become a tool of political parties that force people to look for the belief, values and peace outside their inner-self.

What is true religion?

Religion promotes the sense of contentment within the inner self. All the religions preach the same beliefs in their languages. Words are different, but the message remains same. True religion promotes peace and does no harm to others. The first step towards following true religion is to make peace with one own self. When a person makes peace with himself, he is in a position to make peace with the outer world. He is ready to submit himself for the good cause. It is the true submission to the religion.

The hidden message

People should try and understand why the religion promotes inner peace. It is the vital element that nurtures relationships. It affects all the relationships whether it is a relation within the family, community or the society. The light of inner peace starting within is the contributing factor to the world peace. It has got the power to break the racial barriers and leave no room for war. Even if you go through the various religious books, they convey the message of being in peace with all the religions.

The war time

There are many instances when people, communities, states and even countries fight in the name of religion. War is considered as a way to acquire peace. However, it is a form of violence that kills all religions. War should only be used as a form of self-defense. War should happen only for the sake of justice as it happened in Indian history. The epic war, Mahabharata was the war for establishing a religion. It was a fight between good and evil. And most importantly it happened because the malpractices were followed in the name of religion.

The examples of religious intolerance

There are many instances in the past where the peace lost its place to the war on the name of religion. The problems were a result of various socio-economic, racial and religious factors.
Some of the examples are:

• The problems in Afghanistan are not hidden from anyone. The place is the hub of extreme, radical and fundamentalist terrorist groups. Al Qaeda is said to be headquartered in Afghanistan. Osama Bin Laden initially headed it. The group is protected by the Taliban dictatorship in the country. It is a famous example where people use the religion for their personal cause.

• India is called as a land of colorful culture. However, it is the country that cannot get rid of the religious, political dramas happening time to time. The ultimate losers are the common people who don't have to do anything with the fights. Christians who live in Orissa are often attacked by the militant Hindu extremists.

• The famous name Kashmir, which is not popular only in India but is recognized in the world as a chronically unstable region. It is the place claimed by both India and Pakistan. Thousands of people have died in the conflicts happened on the name of religion.

The significance of religion

Here, all these examples are stated to prove what people are doing in the name of religion. Definitely it is not religion. Real religion thinks the entire world as one single entity. No one is killed in the name of religion. It brings well-being to the human race and not is a reason for their destruction. Truth is just moulded into a narrow and false mask where it is termed as religion. It is not the blindness of churches or hatred of Hindus and Muslims for each other; it is the name of true knowledge where people know that they are not animals. Animals eat each other, and not human.


True religion can never be misused. The actions based on the name of religion can be wrong, but true religion is different. It sees the human beings as one creation of mighty God. When people experience the truth, they will follow the religion. The life full of pretensions will take them away on the path of destruction. It will lead to misery and disaster which is clearly visible in all the countries where the people are fighting on the name of religion.
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  • If,any person can ask your religion before any relation, you just think that that person on of the most uneducated person of the world....
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  • great thoughts...