Various parts of automobile cooling system and their related functions

Match the following

(1) Engine------------------------------ (A) Heat exchanges
(2) Radiator---------------------------- (B) Maintaining engine at stable temperature
(3) Water Pump----------------------- (C) Hot coolant flow
(4) Hoses------------------------------- (D) Cooled coolant flow
(5) Thermostat------------------------- (E) Heat generates


a. (1)-(A), (2)-(B), (3)-(C), (4)-(D), (5)-(E)
b. (1)-(E), (2)-(A), (3)-(D), (4)-(C), (5)-(B)
c. (1)-(E), (2)-(A), (3)-(C), (4)-(D), (5)-(B)
d. (1)-(E), (2)-(D), (3)-(C), (4)-(A), (5)-(B)

Correct Answer : b. (1)-(E), (2)-(A), (3)-(D), (4)-(C), (5)-(B)


In the above group there are combination of various parts of automobile cooling system and their related functions.

Engine is the main part of the automobile which generates heat due continuous running. Generally the engine is designed to operate at a certain stable temperature. Therefore to maintain the stable temperature cooling system is introduced in the automobile. Radiator, water pump, houses, thermostat are the parts of the cooling system. Water is used as a coolant which is circulated through hoses. The heat of the engine is taken by water and this hot water is circulated through hoses to radiator. In the radiator the hot water exchanges heat with surrounding air and cools down. This cooling water is the pumped by water pump and recirculated.

Thermostat helps in maintaining the engine at a stable temperature. Thermostat is a valve like device which allows or restrict flow of water in cooling system by opening or closing the valve respectively.
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