Vegan Diet is the best diet!

Vegan Diet is the best diet!


The term vegan refers to people who do not consume meat or any meat products. There is a difference between vegan and vegetarianism. People who follow a vegan diet, do not even consume any foods of animal origin, such as honey etc. But, alot of people who follow a vegetarian diet usually consume egg.

A vegan menu is considered to be a powerful way to get a good health. According to an article, which was published by PETA, around 2.5% of people in the US are vegans.

Following a vegan diet has certain advantages as well as disadvantages.

Let's take a look at whether the vegan diet is the best or not.

Yes – Nutrients from plants are most natural

Live longer – Several studies prove that following a vegan diet can prevent the individuals from developing any cardiovascular disease. Certain diseases lead to the lower life expectancy of a person. The vegan diet usually gives a longer and a good health to the individual.

Lower risk of cancer – There is a low risk of developing different types of cancer among the people who follow a vegan diet. Breast cancers are lower in countries which are totally based on food made up of plant products. People who follow a vegan diet are rarely prone to colon cancer.

Better cholesterol level – People who follow a vegan diet usually have a low level of cholesterol. The drug named “lovastatin”, which gives birth to cholesterol is produced less in the body of vegan diet followers.

Lower blood pressure – Today, most of the people face the issue of high blood pressure due to increase in stress etc. Vegan diet is the best to control the blood pressure. Consuming meat products increases the rate of blood pressure in human bodies. If people who have a high blood pressure, follow a vegan diet, there is a less consumption of high dosage of medicines.

Lower body weight – Those who consume the meat products, puts on more weight over a period of five years. When compared to meat consumers, vegans put on less weight as they grow old.

No – Animal proteins are essential

Animal protein – Humans should consume both animal and plant proteins as both are proven to be beneficial for the health. Consuming animal proteins leads to increase in burning the fats and reducing the appetite. This causes an automatic weight loss.

Designed to eat animals – Vegan diet followers believe that humans are supposed to be herbivores. This is absolutely false. Since million of years, humans have been consuming meat products. Our bodies are well adapted to consume the meat diet. Consuming meat products provide B 12 supplements, which the vegan followers lack.

Heart disease, diabetes and cancer – Vegan followers believe that meat products causes heart disease, cancer or diabetes among the humans. Well, the system of consuming meat is prevalent in our society since ages and these diseases are relatively new. In a recent research, it was found out that there is no connection between consuming red meat and diabetes.

Live longer – Vegans do not live longer just because they avoid meat products. Vegans are usually more health conscious than the non vegetarians. They work out more and take other necessary steps to maintain a healthy body. Thus, we cannot say that it is just because of not consuming meat that they live longer.


Vegan diet does not give a complete package of essential proteins. Fish is a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acid. A well planned non vegetarian makes our body more stronger.

Thus, it is essential to consume both animal and plant proteins to gain a healthy body and mind. But, the decision of consuming a vegan or non vegetarian diet totally depends upon an individual and his preferences.
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  • RE: Vegan Diet is the best diet! -Deepa Kaushik (07/08/15)
  • Vegan diet is different from vegetarian diet. Vegan diet does not only exclude the eggs but every product which is an animal extract or bi-product. The food products like honey are not the non-vegetarian food in exact sense, still the vegan diet have their own specifications to exclude them to a product of animal origin.

    When we compare the vegetarians and non-vegetarians, we can find a huge difference in their nutrition level. Now, here we are discussing the vegan diet, which lacks total animal protein and other rich nutrients. The non-vegetarian diet does carry some side-effects when the same is not consumed in limited proportion. Still, condemning all the products of animaloriginwould make the individual devoid of many nourishments.

    Vegan diet like any other diet form have some advantages, but we cannot call this diet form to be superior over others. Vegan diet followers have their own reasons to follow, but we should not forget that some strict vegan followers even avoid products like milk which is an essential food product and much of a balanced edible product for the human beings.

    Rather than blindly following the principles laid down by a clan of people, we should think wisely and decide the nutrition required for the day-to-day activities at an affordable cost-of-living. Vegan diet cannot be called the best form; the best diet being the one that suffice the nutrition requirement of the individuals as per their activities.
  • RE: Vegan Diet is the best diet! -motahan (07/07/15)
  • in my opinion ,vegan people will not get essential proteins and nutrients.egg and meat gives good calories of energy and proteins which improve immunity in human having all types of food items is good for health.
  • RE: Vegan Diet is the best diet! -motahan (07/07/15)
  • in my opinion ,vegan people will not get essential proteins and nutrients.egg and meat gives good calories of energy and proteins which improve immunity in human having all types of food items is good for health.