Want a great Job? Create your own formula for success!

Want a great Job? Create your own formula (by Nishant Kumar)

Want a great Job? Create your own formula for success!

It is no sin to crave a good job, success, prosperity, happiness and satisfaction in your life. A good career is no overnight achievement but the result of unwavering focus over the years.

Apart from preparation and practice, positive thinking, strong desire and focus are the vital requisites of a great career. Always focus on what you want and you can create your formula for success through your positive thoughts. Our life is a creation of our mind. It has power to influence circumstances. You attract things that you think.

"I wish to get a good job" is a positive desire, but on the way to achievement we confront many negative questions like What if I fail to achieve it? What if I fail the exams? etc. Such feelings can only mount upon your stress level and you will see yourself struggling to reach target. You will either find yourself tensed or seeking a help to defuse this stress. Just a few negative questions in mind can drift your way and complicate your path.

Negative thoughts create incentives for negative results. It is natural sometime to get awful thoughts but such feelings should be ripped in the bud and you shouldn't let your mind dwell on it, but just ignore it.

Strong desire in mind and focus helps a great way to get you a good job. When you repeat something in mind again and again, you notice same things around. For example, if you want a position of Software Engineer, you will begin noticing many openings for such jobs. You will also come across many inspiring people who have achieved a great height and can extend valuable suggestions. They might help you find a great position.

Act, speak and think as though you have already received what you’ve asked for. Feel the way you would feel once you have achieved it. The law of attraction will attract people and circumstances, keeping everything else at bay.

So what are you thinking boss? You can begin to act now.

-Nishant Kumar
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  • RE: Want a great Job? Create your own formula for success! -Want a great Job? (03/26/18)
  • Focus, consistency and passion are what we require to sour height. Whatever career you may opt, these traits help to achieve envious success. They say consistency is the key, without passion attaining regularity is not possible. It is highly recommendable to hammer the path where your passion lie. Passion keeps you on course for long time fetches accolades.
  • RE: Want a great Job? Create your own formula for success! -DEEPAK KUMAR SINGH (09/20/17)
  • It's a very inspiring content to increase the incentive