What are the different tasks of a commercial pilot?

What are the different tasks of a commercial pilot?

The various tasks of a commercial pilot includes following:

- Dusting crops
- Spreading seeds
- Testing aircrafts
- Fly passengers to cargo areas
- Firefighting
- Tracking criminals
- Monitoring traffic
- Rescuing and evacuating

What are the related careers?

- Airline Pilots, Copilots, and Flight Engineers
- Commercial Pilots
- Forest Fire Fighting and Prevention Supervisors
- Locomotive Engineers
- Mates- Ship, Boat, and Barge
- Pilots, Ship
- Ship and Boat Captains

What are the advantage and disadvantages being a commercial pilot?


- Good salary
- Profession is honored and brings pleasure and fulfillment.
- Glamorous and adventurous job
- Good benefits/incentives
- Travelling around the globe
- Good reputation
- Flexible hours of working
- Free or reduced-fare transportation for pilots and immediate family


- Cost of getting CPL is high
- Responsibility of lives of people
- Long working hours
- Travelling lot can be stressful
- One may have to stay away long from family
- Zero challenge due to seniority
- Risky job
- Irregular working hours
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