What does a career in journalism mean?

What does a career in journalism entail for me?

• The field of journalism is an exciting and challenging field which concerns with the assembling and broadcasting of news through print medium or electronic media.

• The various work areas include:
- reporting
- writing
- editing
- photographing
- broadcasting
- Cable casting news items

• The field is classified into two:
- Print Journalism: includes newspaper, magazines, and various publications. You can work as an editor, a reporter or an article writer.
- Electronic media: it includes working for Radio, TV or for the web.

• A journalist plays a crucial role in the development of a society.

• A journalist is responsible for assembling information and distributing it.

• The main purpose of journalism is to inform and educate.

• A journalist has to be specialized in various areas like,
- politics
- finance
- economics
- investigation
- culture
- sports
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