What is the function of Anti-lock brake system (ABS)?

What is the function of Anti-lock brake system (ABS)?


a. it reduces the brake pad wear
b. it reduces the stopping distance
c. it avoids the skidding of the vehicle
d. it reduces cost of braking system
Correct Answer : c. it avoids the skidding of the vehicle


Anti-lock braking system is an advanced level braking system which prevents unexpected skidding of the vehicle on slippery roads. It prevents the wheels from locking up and provides better control on braking of vehicle. Anti-lock braking system works on the principles of threshold braking. These principles are practiced by skillful drivers in various generation braking systems. Those skillful drivers were using a technique to stop the vehicle without skidding. Whenever they wanted to stop the vehicle and applied brakes, they used to release the brakes as soon as the wheel locks and again apply the brakes.

In ABS this technique is used at very high speed and at advanced level. The speed sensors, pump, valves and controllers are used in ABS. The speed sensor senses the speed of the wheel and gives relevant signal to the controller which operates the valve and pump according to the signal of sensor. As soon as the speed of the wheel approaches zero, this is sensed by the sensor and sends the signal to controller, and controller opens the valve and releases the pressure on brake pad to avoid locking of the wheel. As the pressure is released on brake pad, it is again applied with the help of pump.
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