What is the function of gear box in an automobile?

What is the function of gear box in an automobile?


a. to provide different torque to vehicle at various gear ratios for optimum efficiency
b. to provide high torque at staring and climbing of the vehicle
c. to provide reverse action to vehicle
d. all of the above

Correct Answer : d. all of the above


Gear box is a special arrangement of various combination of gears which is connected between engine drive shaft and propeller shaft. A vehicle requires different torques at different conditions. Such as while starting of the vehicle or while climbing hills, it requires more torque as the friction load is more at this time. The requirement of more torque means more fuel consumption and when the vehicle gains sufficient velocity then it does not require that much of torque. Thus the fuel consumption can be reduced by minimizing torque. Sometimes the vehicle needs to take in backward direction so the torque has to be given in opposite direction. All this is attainable with the help of gear box. Thus the gear box provides more torque at the starting of vehicle. It also provides different torque as per requirement of load on the vehicle by changing gear ratios. It also provides the reverse torque to operate vehicle in reverse direction.
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