What is the importance of professional qualification for careers in finance management?

I am a fresher and want to pursue finance; does it come in handy to have a good educational qualification before making a career in this industry?

Yes, it goes without saying that having a good educational qualification will help in making a good career. Having right educational qualification is desirable as it not just gives you a better chance of success but also enhances your personality. Finance, is more or less a subject of common sense but if one wishes to make a career in this field, obtaining the appropriate qualification is a must.

Technical knowledge can only be mastered through educational qualification and practical understanding need on the job training and internships to have more clarity.

Students who want to pursue finance as a career option should try and understand all the aspects and areas of finance before reaching to a conclusion. For example, corporate finance and banking are two very different aspects of this broad field. It varies from individual to individual depending upon their interest in different fields in finance. You might be interested in being a banker but you might not enjoy while being in corporate finance professional. Even after making a decision to go for a particular specialisation, it is very important to rethink whether the choice made is right. Students should apply for an internship to have more knowledge and understanding about the specialisation that they want to go with. The decision that you make at this stage is very crucial as this career will map all your life accordingly.
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