What is the job profile of a marine engineer?

Can I have more detailed explanation about the job profile of a marine engineer?

The job of a marine engineer can get complicated if you are not adept with proper knowledge. Thus, you should have an adept knowledge of the engine room machinery, piping system, electrical, computer, safety first-aid and swimming as a marine engineer is a combination of all these things mentioned. You should be a team player, i.e. should work efficiently within a team and should have a practical approach while dealing with day to day issues. You should have the ability to remain calm and composed under pressure, and should know how to manage any given situation. The most important thing is that you should enjoy your period in the sea as there will be times when you will have to stay for long time on the ship and it might become monotonous if you don’t enjoy being on the sea.

As this job of the shipping industry is of global nature, it requires you to be eligible for employment on board ships and for this engineers must be trained in conformity with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). You are also required to be certified by a recognised authority with respect to competency level. In India, the main governing body who approves maritime training institutions and their curriculum is DGS (Directorate General of Shipping). This same agency administers examinations to evaluate competency and issues appropriate Certificates of Competency as well. These training standards are maintained and are globally accepted and recognised, resulting in the acceptance of Indian seafarers.
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