What is your vision of an ideal world?

What is your vision of an ideal world?


World is the space where we live. Living is not just counting and spending the days when we are medically alive; rather life has a very deep meaning. To live we need to sense, feel and have some sort of excitement to clean up the space we are occupying. Life is more abstract in practical terms. To live, the world needs to maintain an order. Every person has a different vision to set things on the right slot. Every vision is to its level best with respect to the person who is dreaming. Let me come up with my view of the world in a ideal place.

My Dream Vision of Equality

In my world order, men & women would be considered as equal. No discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, colour, opinions would exist. Every individual would be expected and by social presence adhere to moral code of conduct, respect each other, respect the law, adhere to the law, minding ones manners in public & private life. The equality will promote justice and indirectly make the law and order situation t their best. If we could avoid the discrimination, we can avoid the tag of under-developed, developing and developed countries; as every country will itself come upfront to help each other with their requirements in a mutual understanding.

A Happy Settlement

If I were to rebuild the new world order, education would be free for all and include skill development which are required by the society and provide employment guarantee to all from finishing studies to state retirement age. The criteria for governments would be to work as corporates saving money and getting more results at the same time, not spending all allocated budget to ensure next time lower budget is not allocated. An increase in the employment opportunity will itself sort the issue of brain drain, as we still have people with moist eyes who shed tears to remain miles away from their loved ones, just to earn their living and provide a happy settlement for their family.

Literate World

My world order includes awareness of population growth in the education system of schools. At university level sex education and need for population control would be included in education system, perhaps it should include Malthusian Theory of Population, as in China stronger policies would be enacted to prevent any individual having more than 2 children. Alongside, efforts would be made to replenish nature by reducing pollution (making private motors very expensive and making available cheap public transport), moving to renewable energy sources (solar/wind energy), paper free offices, etc. The world with a literate population definitely outweigh an ignorant crowd which could hardly sense the meaning of a civilized society.

World without Religion

If I were to rebuild the order of the world, I would like to build a world without religion so there would be no difference among states and within states based on religion, there would be no sect looking to make a Islamic, Christian, or Hindu state, no country would be giving benefits to its citizens based on their religion or caste. There would be no politics based on case & religion, as there would be no religion – people would have one less reason to live is disharmony.

World Free of Terrorism

My next agenda would be a world order where there would be nuclear weapons. Armies would be smaller and digital protection on LoC would be higher, governments of different countries would be expected to maintain peace, encourage fair & free trade, cut the roots of any terrorist seeds at the root. This world will have deep-rooted respect and pride for the soldiers who sacrifice their personal life to safe-guard the country. A terror free world will promote tourism and merry amongst the masses who could travel to any part of the country without any fear.

World Free of Addiction Forming Substances

Another great hit would be on the addiction forming substances. I would not increase the taxes on alcohol & tobacco products each year; rather I will close down these industries along with any drug related activities. This would help a lot many families from getting shattered. Despite of the known health hazards, these addiction forming substances lure the trade industry with their high margin and revenue generation for any country. My vision is more confines to the general well-being of the human beings with respect to their health, with is undoubtedly much more important than the wealth.

Stress-free Living

If I were to rebuild the new world order, I would encourage people to live stress free life in natural environment rather than one with money but no peace. Wealth is filth in hands of human kind. More the wealth, less is the peace and more is the person diseased. A poor man has least stress, as he doesn’t fear any loss. On the contrary, a rich man suffers from insomnia with a never ending tension of retaining the wealth. Not just the maintaining part, instead the wealth promotes greed which gives an eternal lust for money. All these material things lose their importance at time of need. What comes forward is the love, care and affection of our loved ones.

My Futuristic Vision

Though it may seem to be drastic I would eliminate existence of currency notes/coins and make all transaction electronic which is easier to monitor and would bring down magnitude of black money. All individuals in the world, at the time of birth would get a unique social security number which will be associated with everything for that individual whether it be medial insurance, bank account, employment reference, electoral roll, income tax number etc. This would be the major gateway to exit corruption and welcome the law and order in to the country.


Though this topic can never have a conclusion, as the ideal is always proximate and never exact. We can try to approach our orderly vision to some extent, provided we possess enough courage and determination to fight back all the worst of life, still we cannot achieve the complete status of the world order within our lifetime. The world order firstly requires the unity. Let us join hands, have a good bonding and then march ahead in unison to proceed to the unapproachable mission.
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