What managers should learn from MS Dhoni?

what managers should learn from MS Dhoni?

What managers should learn from MS Dhoni?

To call MS Dhoni an institution is not an exaggeration. He has not only delivered on the Cricket field, his character off the field is also the reason for him being cynosure of all eyes.

His achievements and records are enviable. Many talented and skillful players came and faded away but he is still going strong. Under the microscope in the recent past, he has answered all those questioned about his place in team with his bat in style. His recent form against Sri Lanka where his match winning score became instrumental in taking India home from difficult situations has settled the debate about his place.

In the past, his critics have attributed his success to luck, timing and good fortune. Luck can't smile on someone for entire career; there are many other invaluable factors that are required to achieve such a stunning success.

Let us see all those factors and qualities that have been churning MS Dhoni out an outstanding and glittering career and inspiring us with invaluable lessons

1. Managing success

M S Dhoni as captain has won two ICC World Cups. There are a few who get to see such height in career and there are fewer who can stay humble in success like him. He guided Team India to victory single handedly on many occasions, but yet stayed grounded and also invoked opponent's respect. He is one who enjoyed both stairs and elevators in his career but never let success to his head and never let failure go to his heart.

At workplace we should emulate same characters to replicate our success. Acknowledge you success and set out for bigger target.

2. Leading from the front

Dhoni has risen up to the occasion and taken the onus on him to lead India to victory, whenever team has needed him. No one can forget his match winning inning in ICC 2011 ODI World Cup. He has played a very crucial role in the victory of the team on numerous occasions.

A good manager is who bails the team out from a crunch situation. The team looks up to captain for the direction. The manager can't afford to let his shoulder down when chips are down, only his performance can settle the turbulence.

3. Managing pressure

Cricket is a religion in India. Playing for India is a pride but brings tremendous pressure and when you are the captain of the team then you are under axe all the time.

Pressure of winning each game is tough to absorb. M S Dhoni was the rare who had been captained India in all format of the game for 10 years and brought many laurels to the team. His staying calm under pressure has brought him this nickname as “Captain Cool”.

A manager should not succumb to the pressure. He should work with best of his ability and focus on target instead of consequences. This soothes the nerves of the rest of the team and ensures that they stay focused and continue to believe in themselves.

4. Encouraging team members

Many young players have matured under Dhoni like Ravindra Jadega, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina to name a few who are now match winners. MSD always backed talents. In one of the recent interviews Virat Kohli reckoned that MS favored and saved his place in the team many time.

When you are leading a team, identifying talents and giving them confidence and chances are paramount. It is important to place immense trust on your people and backs them to deliver.

This allows them to express themselves freely without the fear of failure. Team members reciprocate and feel a sense of responsibility based on the trust shown by their leaders on them.

5. Marshalling young and meager resources

Team India needed a young captain to lead in ICC T20 2007, when the selection committee saw potential in Dhoni and gave him a young and inexperienced team. Without making fuss of it, he rallied everyone to the target and went on winning the maiden cup.

A manager should never complain about the resources, instead he should work to bring best out of everyone. Now, that is a characteristic of a great leader.

- Nishant Kumar
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  • RE: What managers should learn from MS Dhoni? -MS Dhoni (05/10/18)
  • MS Dhoni is a household name not just because of his cricketing skills but his overall conduct on and off the field. He captained India flawlessly, winning many laurels, quit captaincy without making any fuss, grooming youngster etc. are so inspirational that can be lifetime fodder for a manager. His career is like a book one can embrace to rise in life. Winning a trophy with fair play award says a lot about him. You can achieve success without compromising ethics, values, empathy etc. We have also seen how seamlessly Indian team went through a transition, new captain took the charge without any hiccups. His super attitude allowed him to enjoy his stint under a new captain. People chant his name everywhere he goes but his humility hasn't shaken a bit, success has never spoilt him. He backs his ability that reflects in his performance from real and reel life.
  • RE: What managers should learn from MS Dhoni? -Group (04/12/18)
  • He is a book on and off the field, one can learn a lot following him and his achievements. His coolness, seriousness, believes in fair play, patience, game reading ability and many more can be emulated in day to day life. He once said that he should be remembered as a good human being first, all his cricketing anecdote comes next. This says everything about him.
  • RE: What managers should learn from MS Dhoni? -Group Discussion (03/12/18)
  • MSD is man with many feathers. His early life, formative years of struggle on cricket ground and his achievements are exemplary and teach us numerous lessons. His conduct through rise and fall on ground is the most worth to emulate. His energy, fitness, commitment will inspire all of us for many years to come.
  • RE: What managers should learn from MS Dhoni? -Mayank (11/06/17)
  • In my opinion there are many good points we can learn from Ms Dhoni....as we all know....Ms Dhoni is great leader.and lead our Indian cricket team to many vicories....He is a person knows how to react according to different situations which is very important for the managers to entertain different type of guests.. request and problems..... Managers should also learn from his how to work under pressure.....and completes your targets....
  • RE: What managers should learn from MS Dhoni? -MSD (09/07/17)
  • Players come and go but we will miss MSD the most after his retirement because of his ability to spring surprising moments that change the course of the games. Match winning on-filed decisions, lightening work with the glove, magic shots from his willow, his coolness at tensed situation, his timing opting for DRS etc. will be dearly missed.
  • RE: What managers should learn from MS Dhoni? -Pankaj soni (09/02/17)
  • I think ms dhoni is a good leader for time india.when
    I was be watching match on television that time he
    Was be encouraging our team player. He was also
    Saying our players that any situation occurs on field
    All one handle easy and we should give our best performance
    . Ms dhoni has also given much more success our
    Indian team. Also create a well established team before
    World and also we can say he works like a cool man.
  • RE: What managers should learn from MS Dhoni? -Dhoni (09/01/17)
  • He is one who has donned many hats on the ground like captain, wicket keeper, batsman and has spent most of time with pad on. His commitment can't be questioned in whatever role he is in the field. He is always touted as best reader of the game and that one reason why he is considered as most successful captain. He has featured in 300 ODI which speaks volume of his achievement, only 5 players have achieve such feet. His batting record is unbelievable, almost 10000 run in ODI, that too batting in the middle order. Hats Off