What remuneration can I expect as an engineer?

What remuneration can I expect as an engineer?

Engineering is one of the most promising careers. There is a plurality of jobs available which can pay you magnificent amount. Many colleges and universities invite various companies for on campus placement of their students. The average pay sometimes varies depending on the college, the student has graduated from. The average pay as a fresher starts from 25,000 INR per month to 80,000 INR per month. Sometimes pay can go as high as 300000 INR per month depending on your skills and specialisations.

Why should I choose engineering as a career?

Engineering is an exciting and dynamic career. If there is any career which is technically innovative and creative, then that is engineering. Engineers, also known as "beautiful minds" are always in demand because the need of technology will never cease to exist. Pros of a career in Engineering are as follows:

- If managed carefully and with planning, you will never cease to be in demand. Engineering offers job security.

- The income is consistent.

- Potentially good income along with a respectable position both in society and office

- An engineer can readily move into fields like sales, marketing and service. Companies are glad to hire engineers owing to their steadiness and their out of the box thinking process. An engineer can get into Banking services, Insurance services and what not.

- Develops your analytical skills and your thinking becomes rational.

- You get to socialize with people from all the runs of the life.

- You can get a chance to go abroad on a project.
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