What skills should I have to become a commercial pilot?

What skills should I have to become a commercial pilot?

The job of a commercial pilot requires the application of various skills. To be a good pilot one should have following skills:

- Hard work
- Adaptability to follow difficult time schedules
- Stamina
- Multi-tasking
- Calm state of mind
- Staying ahead of the airplane
- Knowledge of the far
- Compassionate
- Able to listen to listen to very unclear radio transmissions
- Able to work in a team
- Quick reactions
- Willingness to follow all rules

What is the remuneration of a commercial pilot?

The remuneration of commercial pilots in public sector depends upon positions. They are entitled to the pay and incentives. Besides this they are also entitled to a wide range of benefits and allowances in addition to housing, medical and out- station allowances, as well as free/concessional air passages for their immediate family and dependents. However, commercial pilots’ remunerations can vary Rs 40000 to Rs 150000 per month depending on the position, airline and the experience.

What are the job prospects?

There are good employment avenues for the Commercial Pilot License holders in both government and private domestic and international airlines. Also the giant corporate houses employ pilots for their own aircrafts.
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