What triggers suicide - Depression or Failure?

what triggers suicide depression or failure

What triggers suicide – Depression or Failure?


The shattering news of television actress who committed suicide was all over tabloid recently bringing out the vulnerability of the glamour industry. Records of such incidents hold it that in the past many veteran actresses and models took their lives in similar manner. They were doing well in the start of the career but soon faced crisis over shortage of roles or work in the industry.

Limelight could well be blinding as well as addictive. When you have it, you bathe in its glory to such an extent that you begin imagining life to be impossible without it. When reality sinks in, you are left bereft and not knowing what to do.

Suicidal behavior are known to bear similar symptoms of depression, probably because the extremity of one triggers the other, but are often ignored to be a common problem by those close to the depressed. If only people knew what could trigger alarm of suicidal tendencies in a person, they would handle better.


1. Severity: Severity of depression over a prolonged period of time could lead to feeling of hopelessness in the person. He could start believing that nothing he does would make any change to his present pathetic condition. Having no meaning or hope to live up to can cause serious emotional damage to a person than he is capable of bearing. In most of the suicide cases, it has been found that stress and depression dwelt deep in the mind of the person, for over years of neglect, which finally leads to a complete breakdown and triggers suicidal tendencies.

2. Self-loathing : Guilt trip could be a person’s harshest critic of all times. If a person feels like he has committed a grave mistake that gives him more than just frequent nightmares, he is probably a bit suicidal already. Not feeling worthy of anything is a hard feeling to live with. If a person feels he doesn’t deserve anything good, there is a chance that he might already be calculating ideas to end his self-loathing and his life as well.

3. Psychotic: Spiteful thoughts about one’s own self and thoughts about ways to end one’s life and suffering is what makes psychotic people most prone to having suicidal tendencies. Schizophrenia is more about how people imagine voices in their heads to go ahead and end their lives. Schizophrenics need special care and immediate attention by expert but of course, that is more difficult with the mask of normalcy on the outside.

4. Relationship baggage : Relationships are becoming far too complicated to cling on to these days as opposed to what our ancestors had to say about their times. Children growing up in stressed environment where parents fight for separation, or negligence by parents about a child’s changed behavior, or growing up amid distorted relationships – these could sow early seeds of relationship complications that show up later in life, having extreme effect on the person to make him consider options of ending the yearlong disdain of relations.

5. Lack of help : A depressed person needs psychological help and our oblivious, orthodox society is way too reluctant to find the necessity of actually helping out people in need of psychosomatic help. Of course, the old silly twitching tales about people who seek psychologists are mad is being rightly broken but there are the same glimpse that people throw at someone who needs help in that way. A person could be screaming for help inside but would dare not come out clear to anyone just for the fear of being judged as crack brained. Suicide actually results from depression where no help was rented to a person who immensely needed it like oxygen.

6. Ignorance : Sad enough to admit it but ours is a society that would walk off chuckling over a crying person, calling them crocodile tears. It is not even regarded as something important when a girl who is about to get married keeps looking distressed all the time and cries more often than ever. Her own people would pretend to ignore with their minds as narrow as the lanes of a slum, assuming to believe that it is normal for a girl to be nervous or upset before her marriage. For all we know she could be wanting to call off the marriage but is too reluctant that she would instantly be judged by her own parents. What other choice do we leave her with?


1. Over-ambitious : Ambitious people are a fine sight to watch but when they start obsessing about getting something it becomes dangerous. Failure to get what they wanted from life takes them at the verge of ending their worthless life. They feel that they do not have it in them to do anything good and that they would eventually fail everyone. This depresses them to the extent of wanting to end their own life.

2. Breaking hope : A boy or a girl from a poor family, trying hard to earn success and change the living condition of their family, could get suicidal if they feel they won’t be able to bring any change or lose hope due to failure at work or education. Students committing suicide after failing in examinations are also an example of triggering suicide because of inability to stand up to the expectations of family and society. Farmers committing suicide in large number all over the country can also be counted in this list.

3. Fear : Some people fear failure more than anything else. They are so afraid of losing what they have at hand especially in dull times that they usually end up being overtly precautious. Anxiety and fear of losing fame and money, dignity or respect, someone close to the heart, or any such thing that the person could be much attached to can make him suicidal. If he fails to preserve the precious thing he might get all too frustrated and end his life before looking it devoid of what he has always been close to.


It can be concluded that both depression and failure go hand in hand though the reason for depression is not always failure, but failure often is followed by anxiety and depression. We need to be aware and pay heed to a situation if we feel one person could be in need of psychological help. Ignoring or letting him cope out of his pain all on his own is not the right choice always. You may want to not invade the personal space of that person but that doesn’t mean you cannot try helping him in some way or the other. We are, perhaps, a little too engrossed in our lives to pay attention to what someone close to us could be going through.

What we are actually losing these days to let our mind breed such fatal thoughts of ending life is patience. Fortune favors those who work towards making things better. We cannot slump under the test of time and give up on everything, everyone who means the world to us. There are people, parents especially, who would never recover from the pain of losing you so if you intend to end your own suffering by giving them a lifelong misery to cry over. And, if you still do so, you are no more than a selfish person.
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