What will be the ideal gas equation for the following.

p = specific pressure
v = specific volume
P = Total pressure of gas
V= Total volume of gas
R = Characteristic gas constant
n = number of moles in gas
m = mass of the gas
T = Temperature of the gas
then the ideal gas equation will be

a. v =m R T
b. P V = R T
c. P V = m R T
d. all of the above

Correct Answer : c. P V = m R T

Explanation :

The pressure–volume –temperature relation of any gas at low pressure is given by,
p v = R T
where R is the universal gas constant and is the molar specific volume, m3/gmol. Dividing it by the molecular weight μ,
p v = R T
where v is the specific volume in, m3/kg and R is the characteristic gas constant.
In terms of total volume of gas we can wright this equation as,
P V = n R T
P V = m R T
where n is the number of moles and m is mass of gas. This equation is called as ideal gas equation of state.
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