What's so wrong with celebrating valentine's day?

What's so wrong with celebrating valentine's day?


Lovebirds are excited as the week of love starts, Hallmarks and Archie's brooding with love tokens, there is love in the air but someone has to be offended if you are doing anything at all in India. This time again its VHP and Hindu Mahasabha with plans to ruin all that the lovebirds might have planned ahead. They have already made official announcements for forcibly marrying the couples caught expressing love in public or even on social networking sites. Well that's not all, they have plans for inter-religion marriages as well along with yet another conversion process to begin with. Chhattisgarh made it official that 14th February will now be celebrated as 'parents worship day.' What is so wrong with celebrating Valentine's day or expressing love in public?

In support of Valentine's day:

1. There is nothing wrong with pampering your loved ones with gifts and surprises, married or not, everybody loves being showered with love and gifts. We Indians have a controversy with almost anything to everything and this is just one such good occasion being condemned by haters. What happened to freedom of expression now?

2. Forcing couples to get married and that too after conversion if they are of another religion is immoral and they talk about preventing their society from the evils of western culture. While teaching extremism and intolerance they are expecting their youth to grow into a better citizen of the country. This kind of moral policing has to stop immediately in India not just on Valentine's day but any other day when a couple in love should be free to express themselves anywhere.

3. Taking a day off from the freaking busy lives we live these days to spend with someone we love is not a bad thing after all. Putting a big smile on the faces of those that you love, not necessarily with pricey gifts, is not bad either. Relieving you stress with a day's celebration of love cannot be harmful too. Warning couples from indulging in expression of love in public is dangerous indeed. Any guesses where they would otherwise be hiding to celebrate their day of love? These extremists should just stop trying to be saints and simply accept that they are nothing more than a bunch of hypocrites doing nothing good for the society.

4. Those first gestures of love with cards and flowers that you get in your teens to those not so anticipated gestures of love with which your husband surprises you when you wake up one morning to find him making breakfast for you are simply adorable. They make life feel so beautiful and being loved is undoubtedly one of the best feelings ever. Not everyone is open to expressing themselves easily and Valentine's day gives them the perfect excuse to show that they care.

5. These extremists need to understand that they cannot ever stop lovebirds and by putting up these restrictions they are only making India intolerant and ignorant to beautiful things. It was height of extremism when one such extremist was heard quoting for TOI that incidents of rape happen just because of such celebrations of love. What kind of ethics are these morons teaching our youth?

Against Valentine's day:

1. Money can't bring you love, nor can expensive gifts and luxurious holidays. Act of care, kindness and faith is enough for expressing love to your beloved. Valentine's day has actually set norms for youngsters where they are made to believe that they have to shower their partner with expensive gifts to keep the relationship going even when they are just students and the gift would come from their pocket money savings.

2. Why should there be just one special day to tell your beloved how much they mean to you? This is supposed to be a daily mantra for relationships to go with bliss. In fact the very notion of expecting gifts on Valentine's day has created this materialistic view about love these days. All those who benefit from this extraordinary show of love on a single day in a year are Hallmarks and Archie's.

3. This day brings nightmares to the singles out there who are either done with being in a relationship or tired of expecting love from those they have huge crush on. Everyone around is talking dates and chocolates and they simply feel like hiding under stones for the rest of the day, the entire month actually. This could be one of the reasons why these extremists who are singles mostly are so against Valentine's day celebrations. Jokes apart, this day should not make anyone feel low just because everyone else is about boyfriend and girlfriend, love yourself and love your family and friends, make them feel special.

4. While falling in and out of love is quite normal, it is extremely absurd when people start comparing how their previous date was so much better with teddies and tulips. It has become a problem with youth judging on materialistic ideas of expressing love. They often land up regretting later so why not ban this day itself?


While there are different views amongst people for either liking or disliking this day, nothing gives a group of extremists the right to forcibly marry off couples seen expressing love in public or social networking sites. What is troubling is the silence of our PM we so ardently believed to be against any sort of extremism and intolerance. While we should not be letting things that ruin our culture happen, we should not start moral policing at everything around.
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  • RE: What's so wrong with celebrating valentine's day? -Rajat Dasgupta (02/20/15)
  • There is nothing wrong in celebrating valentine's day...... I find that it's not only for couples....... It's for all the people who are somehow emotionally attached to each other..... But nowadays people are taking it in a wrong way....... Specially in India I have noticed it..... They are not willing to change up their mentality....... It's a request plzzz change ur opinions regarding love....... Our opinions are of major reason why this country is detoriating day by day..........
  • RE: What's so wrong with celebrating valentine's day? -Deepa Kaushik (02/10/15)
  • Celebrating Valentine’s day is not wrong as far as it is not creating any immorality to the society and culture. We can accept and follow any culture till the time it is good in its expression and purity. Even before valentine’s day, we do had couples who expressed their love before marriage in India. Valentine’s Day is a specific day assigned to those loving couples who are true to their partners and look forward to a long lasting commitment later in the life.

    It would be incorrect to force the couples to marry immediately. Marriage is the individual decision for his / her life. There might be enough commitments to be fulfilled prior to marriage for any person. But, that never states that the person should not love or express their feelings prior to marriage.

    We can accept that people should be within their decency limit in public. But that doesn’t support the call for urgent and forcible marriage in case they are found together in public. The couples do have the right to spend time together as far as it doesn’t create nuisance for the society or lack in the morality. Just because the concept of Valentine’s Day does not have its foundation stone in India, does not imply that it has to be necessarily absurd and incorrect in moral. We should learn to respect every culture and religion and understand and take up good virtues from every sphere of life.
  • RE: What's so wrong with celebrating valentine's day? -Ashish Solanki (02/10/15)
  • every festival should must be celebrated because it time to be with family, friend,relatives etc.peoples are enjoing with budies , but see what happen if youth don't know real meaning of celebration.its good to celebrate because from busy life, people take sometimes to them who really loved him/her. its also good to propose someone whom u loved the most its give u amazing day of your life.but see if youth will take disadvantage of this festival then???. its look good only upto propose someone and show your love toward someone And one more thing, i saw someone try to say'' valentine day provide enough strength to propose someone'' it is totally absurd that to provide strength.if u really love to someone then n then you have complete strength to propose and if you haven't then its shows u are not competent for love.
  • RE: What's so wrong with celebrating valentine's day? -sonali gupta (02/09/15)
  • Nothing's wrong with celebrating valentine's day. For the people who ask that why only one day should be kept aside for celebrating love, then i argue the reason for celebrating 14 feb as parents worship day in chhattisgarh. Isn't respecting your parents a thing that should be done daily??? Again why VHP and other extremist groups wasting their energies in stopping something as pure as expressing love, they should concentrate more on combating growing alcohol and drugs addiction among the youth of the country which ir far more detrimental to the so called indian culture and importantly to the productivity of the country. Nowadays a trend has started, where people arrange a special function in their homes on the occasion of marriage and call dancers in skimpy clothes to dance for their entertainment. In my opinion such acts are much more damaging to the sanctity of an event like marriage(which is again a part of indain culture). To the arguments that some people give that valentines day is not a part of the indian culture, why there's not any debate and discussion on the celebtation of mother's day, that too was adopted from the western culture. If "the indian culture" would be having any such days for celebratind love, no one would have celebrated valentines day. The need of the hour is to become more tolerant. India has become a breeding ground of hypocriay.one will clothes such as jeans and t shirts, which are all part of western culture but will stop young innocent couples from expressing their love and having a moment of happinwss. And lastly there is no othe reason of rape other than the "RAPISTS"! Extremists should go and stop rapists because that is the real disgrace to the indian culture.
  • RE: What's so wrong with celebrating valentine's day? -deeksha gupta (02/09/15)
  • its totally fine to celebrate valentine'day for couples bt they should nt take disadvantage of this... but present day the mentality of people becom wrong becz they thought out of the mind about this....this celebration is for lovers bt lovers can be mother& daughter,sister&brother so on... hence we should support nd celebrate this day simply to remove that dust which is in some people's mind......