Where can I find a job as an audio engineer?

Where can I find a job as an audio engineer?

Audio engineers may find jobs in various fields. Some of them are mentioned here:

Television shows: Television shows and commercials require audio engineers for editing, mixing etc before they are finally aired.

Music: Audio engineers play important role in music field. They are required in live concerts, recording studios etc.

Movies: Movies requires sound engineers for synchronizing the audio with visual images, for sound tracks and voice overs.

Corporate Meetings: Many corporate companies require audio engineers for management of audio equipment in seminars, meetings and lectures.

Sports: Again they are required handling audio equipment for live function and commentaries.

Recording studios: Recording studios require audio engineers mainly to operate microphones, software and mixers. It is one of the most lucrative jobs; besides money, it also brings recognition.

Auto stores: Audio engineers may get job in auto stores which are selling stereo equipment to assist in installation.

Schools: Audio engineers may also find jobs in schools while managing audio in sports functions, dances and students gatherings and in lectures.

Home audio stores: Audio engineers are required in home audio stores for assisting customers in choosing the speakers and installation of them.
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