Which engineering branch should I choose?

Which engineering branch should I choose?

Choice of the branch should entirely depend on your natural drive also known as the aptitude for the particular branch which is sometimes or usually ignored while considering the future prospects and job opportunities. However there are few things which should be considered before choosing your branch:

- Branches such as Information Technology, Computer Science and Electronics and Communication have always been a promising option in terms of availability of jobs and higher packages. Computer Technology is on the rise and is in no mood to halt.

- Electical and Mechanical are good in terms of catering the never ending needs. Scope in branches like these will never cease to exist because of their universality in the nature of needs.
- India is a developing country, where a huge monetary investment is done towards the development of the infrastructure including roads, residencies and real estate. Consequently, branches such as Civil and Architecture have also proved their worth.

- There are interesting and innovative branches such as genetic engineering, biotechnology, nanotechnology, biomedical engineering which are entirely research domains and require a master or doctorate degree. Not many job options are available after completing the Bachelors course.

- Not many candidates go for branches such as textile, aeronautical, marine, instrumentation, chemical and food technology. As a result there is a dearth of good engineers in these disciplines and this is the reason, that candidates in these branches have also succeeded in securing good opportunities.
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