Which field of engineering should I choose?

Which field of engineering should I choose?

Question - There are around 35 sub – fields of engineering. What are the factors which we should keep in mind while selecting a specialization?

a) Interest – Choose a branch according to your interest and passion so that you can perform well in future.

b) Employment options – Some branches like mechanical engineering are in a great demand today. Taking up such specialization can increase your chance of getting a good job. Follow the market demand before choosing a specialization.

c) Future prospects – A lot of change can take place in four years. So along with the current scenario, also consider the future employment trend before finalizing your specialization.

d) Work profile – Branches such as IT, Computer science offer a lot of scope in displaying your creativity and innovations. There is a vast difference in working conditions of different sub fields like, computer science professionals work in office whereas, civil engineers work on construction sites.

e) Aptitude – Many engineering branches require proficiency in certain subjects. For example, electrical engineering requires proficiency in advanced maths.
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