Who is a better boss - a man or a woman?

Who is a better boss – a man or a woman?


In the battle of sexes, a recent study throws a light on the power of women, who are emerging as a super boss in this competitive world. But does this power of women overthrows a man from his throne?

Today, both men and women are exposed to equal opportunities and liberties. The world has started accepting the fact that women is not just an object which is to be used and throw.

Though women are facing the crime and brutalities, the criminal issues against a woman are taken into a serious consideration. Still, women are proving that nobody can degrade the moral spirit of the women community.

Now, let's take a look on who makes a better boss – a man or a woman?

A woman is a better boss.

1. Good communicators – Women are better listeners than men and this is the most important skill which is required to manage a customer and the employees. Men usually communicate through activities rather than conversations. A better communication can build a strong relationship based on trust.

2. More patience – Women have a skill of being more patient with the employees than the male boss. Women do not jump into a conclusion quickly and does not make a decision hastily. Winners have the tendency to wait for a long period for the desired result.

3. Multitasking – Women carry a dual burden and a task of dual responsibility. Most of the female bosses are enriched with the skill of multi tasking as they manage their household or their small kid and at the same time manage their employees.

4. Stronger ethics – Every organization needs to follow a set a codes and ethics for its proper functioning. A female boss tends to follow a stronger ethics and yet maintain a friendly environment. According to Bart and Mc Queen, women who are effective managers consider the rights of others in the pursuit of fairness.

5. Lend you tissues – Most of the times, a male boss fails to hear the personal problems of an employee. You can speak out your heart to your female boss as she has the patience to hear it. It can improve the relationship between an employee and employer.

A man is a better boss.

1. Complete attention – A man does not have to give his complete focus and attention to his family while he is working is his company. He has a wife at home to look after the household chores. In such a case, he can increase the profit made by the company.

2. Good judgement – Women are usually more prone to mood swings and thus, it affects them their decisions. Men do not think emotionally and apply their professional knowledge before taking a decision.

3. Genetic advantage – Men have a genetic advantage unlike women who consider their competitors as “sisters”. Men make a good professional team with their co-workers (both the genders).

4. Practical thinking – Men apply a practical and professional knowledge before taking a decision. They consider a situation from all the aspects, including the profit they gain from a venture or event. A recent study shows that men are more money minded than women.

5. No groupism – Women have an inborn trait of creating groups wherever they go, irrespective of the place. Men do not create any such groups or promote the concept of groupism. They remain friendly with all the employees and keep the office environment healthy.


Though men rule the world, it is said that behind every successful man, there is a woman. There was a time, when women used to sit at home and look after the household works and her family.

But, time has changed and so have the women. The experiences and sufferings of a woman make her a strong person and change her into a super woman, super mom or a super boss. Time has come that women should explore themselves more and more with and should prove that they are not less than man in this competitive world.

Definitely, today, women make a better boss than men. Female boss can also help to prevent the sexual harassment in their office. Give a big salute to those women who achieved the position of a boss, not for ruling others, but for achieving the throne with their hard work and confidence.
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  • RE: Who is a better boss – a man or a woman? -Nikhil Jain (06/13/15)
  • Hello,
    "Who is a better boss, a man or a woman?". This is not a battle of sexes, rather it is a battle of qualities, that any person being a man or a woman can pursue to show greater leadership skills. A boss has many responsibilities and duties. He represents the organisation and is the root of the environment that develops in the organisation. He is the decision maker. A boss may have many qualities. He should be more focused to organisation's goal rather than looking for hos personal comforts. He should be an optimistic person and should be responsible enough to accept his mistakes, He should be a good listener and a good manager and should work for his employees without compensating for the organisation's works. Man has always been seated on the throne as a boss. But the scenario has changed. It is not the man only who earns now. He is not the only one who comes home tired of work. Women has emerged as equal partners to men by matching their shoulders to their counterparts. Women are coming out to be scholars, managers and bosses. Women are patient listeners, multi task performers as they manage their household tasks and children along with work. They are emotional and sentimental to understand the needs of the employees and are able to maintain much good business relationships. They are much professional and good communicators. While men believe in doing rather than communicating. Men are more focused to work as they are not distracted by the household work. Men pay more concentration as compared to women as women are believed to have mood swings that may affect their business tasks. Men are more professional and have higher stamina. Thus the topic for the day cannot be a battle of sexes, rather it is a battle of qualities that a person must possess to be a good leader. Any person that possess qualities to be a leader shall be a good boss. Thus in this competitive world men and women will always be competing for all all the top positions.
    Thank you
  • RE: Who is a better boss – a man or a woman? -sapru (06/08/15)
  • according to me a better boss is a person who posses certain qualities that are required by the 'boss'. That includes the person being a good communicator, patient, multitasking, good judgement, practical thinking, no groupism and most importantly be approachable and systematic by nature. being systematic helps the in making faster decision along with practical thinking. And approachable is also important as you cant be considered good or bad without any interaction. Thus i think a good boss is a person who along with required traits is systematic and approachable.
  • RE: Who is a better boss – a man or a woman? -Deepa Kaushik (06/08/15)
  • To be a good boss require some qualilities. A boss should be a good absorbent, a person who need to maintain his cool at all situtions maintain an equlibrium at all circumstances. Boss should be good listener to his employees, yet remain unprejudiced while taking decisions. Women have come up now-a-days, but that doesn'tmean that they out-weigh men in every possible sphere.

    Women are good listeners and good in multi-tasking. They are patient and good medium of communication to create a balance between the management and employees. They are capable of resolving the employee concern and show concern to the various troubles faced by their employees. Still, women tend to get biased at times whil making decisions. But, we cannot pass this as a judgement to generalize every female manager. We have good women managers who have shown breilliant performance through their management.

    Male managers on the other hand are firm decision makers. They can remain stern in their decisions and give a realistic resolution to the concern. They can have more practical outlook, and can be more productive for the management and organization. Males on a broader spectrum pay more attention towards their profession in comparison to home which is a stronger point for being more successful. Yet, males do have short temper and they hardly give a listening ear to their employees.

    When we closely compare, the way women are coming up and growing enormously facing a lot many challenges everynow and then in fctual world; we can give the credit to women for being better boss.