Whose fault is illegal construction? - Administration or builders?

Whose fault is illegal construction? - Administration or builders?


When a construction is not permitted by the owner of the land or when it is extra than what is permitted, it is called illegal construction. It affects the life and property of the public and, thus, is considered dangerous. In such cases, there are less or no public utilities available like electricity or water supply.

Due to heavy migration, a lot of illegal buildings are coming up in different cities. The buildings come up without a proper consent and later on get demolished.

Now, let us discuss, whose fault is the illegal construction? Is it the administration or the builders?

The fault lies on the part of the administration.

1. Irresponsibility – It is the irresponsibility of the civic bodies that leads to illegal construction. The civic bodies and town planners should keep a track of all the builders and their lands.

2. No proper system – The municipal corporations do not have a proper system for quick approval of building proposals.

3. Delay – The administration delay updating their websites a lot. This tests the patience of the property buyers who invest in the building.

4. Bribing – People in the administration also fall prey to bribing. The greed for money ends up in allowing the illegal buildings to get constructed.

5. No strict laws – There are no punishable laws enforced that deal with illegal construction. The administration should follow a code of conduct to eliminate such constructions.

The fault lies on the part of the builders.

1. Irresponsibility – The builders who indulge in constructing illegal buildings do not update the administration about their projects. They do not follow the rules and regulations set up by the authorities.

2. Money minded – Almost all the builders who construct illegal buildings deal with black money. They bribe the authorities to earn more through the constructions.

3. Loans – Builders misuse the loans given by banks in cases where he constructs a seven story apartment when he has actually got the sanction for only a five story one.

4. Affordable home – Builders who construct illegally, provide houses at affordable prices. Hence, it encourages more buyers to buy the building.

5. Own benefits – Despite knowing the fact that illegal buildings may harm the public, builders construct them. They gain extra profit by deceiving buyers.


The builders as well as the administration should be held equally responsible. This will stop the construction of illegal buildings. The loss of property and lives should be taken into serious consideration.
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  • RE: Whose fault is illegal construction? - Administration or builders? -Deepa Kaushik (01/09/15)
  • This is another major topic that revolves around corruption. A corrupt administration and the corrupt builders conjugated lead to such colonial formation of illegally constructed structures. Illegal construction is not something that got to existence in a day or two, but this is due to the loopholes in the law and dishonesty prevailing amongst the employees and builders which has created such a huge crowd of illegal structures.

    The administration should ideally check for the papers forwarded by these builders and have the person from their administration to personally visit and check for the correct format. The lazyiness, irresponsible attitude and to top it the bribery; everything has given rise to these structures. The administration forgets its duties during the time of consent and construction, all these values they remember only after eating a whole some of money and after getting pressure from the senior authorities, provided any of them remain un-corrupt by mistake.

    The builders also remain equally at fault. They are greedy for the money and claim to have passed all the papers which has not been done actually. The greed and corrupt attitude of the builders often leads to such malformed structures. Even the common man is there to be blamed. They are also equally greedy for more space and are least interested in knowing the capacity of load that the building can withstand. They are the ones who provoke bribe just get their work done. Hence, it is a whole step-ladder of defaulters at various level who give rise to these illegal constructions.