Why chemical weapons are deadlier than conventional weapons?

Why chemical weapons are deadlier than conventional weapons?

Why chemical weapons are deadlier than conventional weapons?

The recent inhuman attack on Syria’s Idlib by Assad government involved the usage of chemical weapon that killed, injured and paralysed many. The world was appalled by the merciless action taken by Assad regime on the civilians. It was supposed to destroy its stockpile of chemical weapons by the year 2014 but the recent attacks prove otherwise. Gory images of children and adults suffering from the harsh effects of Sarin are being circulated. They are indeed worrying and disturbing. Chemical weapons are prohibited. However, the same number of deaths or even more caused by conventional weapons do not draw the same kind of response from world leaders and people.

Weapons, chemical or conventional arms and bombs kill innocents, inflict pain and leave behind terror and destruction. Why are chemical weapons still considered more hazardous while there are little rules against procuring and keeping other weapons? Are they more deadly?

1. Nearby impossible to detect

Sarin and other similar Chemicals are hardest and nearly impossible to detect. The gas has no smell or taste and gets absorbed simply through exposure. Most of the time people are clueless for a long time and this delays treatment. Treating wounds of conventional weapons are prompt while a lot of delay is caused in case of chemical weapons as people fear going out into the open.

2. Pain and injuries

Pain and injuries are caused by bullets and bombs too but the ones caused by chemical weapons leave them in a state of excruciating pain with no sudden death. First the nervous system gets affected and then muscles and other organs that start secreting and convulsing. The affected person either gets paralysed or dies a death of excruciating pain.

3. Effecting larger area

The gas spreads in the environment faster and affects people living within a large radius of the place of actual effect. It would take a lot of bullets and heavy bombs to have the similar kind of effect area and people wise. Chemical weapons can take over and entire town by surprise if dropped incessantly.

4. Targeting everyone

Bullets and bombs are aimed at certain people but chemical weapons are indiscriminating. Innocents, children, women and even birds in the area are either killed or tragically affected by exposure to the gases used. Some gases can have blinding effects and others can cause impotence in an entire population.

5. Longer effect

The effect of chemical weapons in an area doesn’t wear off easily. People are left in pain and fear of the unknown. Several are known to die due to the anticipation that they would not make it to the hospital even get affected if they step out. The people indoors are also unsafe as the gas spreads easily through ventilations of the house. There is no escape for people if chemical weapons are used.

6. Immoral and sick agendas

The fight is between military and the government. Either the government bombs civilians with chemicals in order to get to military of the military targets the government by killing innocents. It is immoral and sick of these sadistic people to target innocents.

Weapons kill. They are lethal in all forms and must be prohibited for usage on civilians at any point of time even between states of conflict. The world must stand to protest against the inhumane treatment meted out to the innocents of a region.
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  • RE: Why chemical weapons are deadlier than conventional weapons? -Why chemical weapons are deadlier (05/03/18)
  • Any mass destructive weapons are fatal and can inflict pain and disaster. Such inhuman treatment meted out to civilians should be condemned and harsh actions against those sadistic people should be taken. Chemical weapons should be banned globally and those who possess them should be severely reprimanded. Chemical bomb create havoc, don't let an escape route to anyone in the radius of area where it is exploded. There won't be any explosion, just the spread of invisible gas which can't be detected so early. The delayed detection causes huge damage beyond control, don't spare even those who are inside their premises. An adequate steps should be taken to stop development of such weapons.