Why do you feel Stressed for no reason?

Why do you feel Stressed for no reason?

Why do you feel Stressed for no reason?

Life is stressful. Often, you are tired not because of busy schedule but due to emotional struggle and exhaustion. You are busy but not productive because you are more preoccupied in erratic emotions and unwanted thoughts.

Mind is the greatest gift from God; it is the source of massive energy which you need to harness well. When negative emotions loom high, your own energy works against you. Your unorganized mind is the sheer reason for sleepless night, tension, stress and low productivity.

In the game of football, players can't lose the sight of ball and get lost in their imagination. They have to toil hard and focus to change the course of game in their favor. How can you allow your mind to be distracted while at work?

God has gifted us with extraordinary brain that sets us apart from other creatures. Your intelligence can bestow many glory, you just need to use it well. The difference between the stress and the calmness is not the amount of load in life; it’s how you handle the load.

Suppose you have to lift a heavy dumbbell. If you lift it in wrong way with a poor form, despite strength you may injure yourself. To live a king size life you ought to leverage your strength and energy properly.

When you hold unnecessary emotions, your intelligence constantly works against you. Life becomes tedious and doesn't allow you to work joyfully. You not only lead a miserable life but also make many lives around you miserable.

A lot of stress comes from our cravings. We either want something to happen, or we don’t want something to happen. Pondering over things beyond our control is wasteful and stressful. If we use our brain properly and focus on action, we can lead our life naturally, blissfully and wonderfully.

People embark on new assignments without investing much time to learn about them; as a result they suffer from headache and tension. Can't we spend more time on research before working on it? Live life with ease not with struggle and work joyfully.

Take charge of your mind and use its power in the constructive work. We have control over our actions and not results. Negative emotions drain you and contribute to stress, sadness and anxiety. Never allow a speck of moment to those fatal emotions by keeping your mind busy at work.

Work related stress can be countered easily by employing these tips:

1. Stress shortens breath, taking deep breath helps release stress and recovers body
2. Short breaks work wonder to relax our mind.
3. Afternoon naps can kill stress like magic. Practice it to instantly recharge yourself.
4. Do a few stretches in the morning to relax your muscles that in turn relax your mind.
5. Recognize, accept and embrace your stress. Train your mind to handle stress like a boss.

- Nishant Kumar
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  • RE: Why do you feel Stressed for no reason? -nishant (02/19/22)
  • Thanks for sharing this, keep sharing more post of this kind
  • RE: Why do you feel Stressed for no reason? -Stressed for no reason (07/12/18)
  • Agree or not, you allow the stress to build in your mind and no one else. It's you who help those rubbish and sad thoughts to develop in your mind. Nobody can take the charge of your mind until you allow them. You get bogged down by critics, you find at the top of the world on hearing good words about you. All these emotions and yours and you are the manufacturer. You've been trained in this manner since your birth. Good or bad emotions erupts in the mind and that's natural. But those emotion shouldn't bother you much, you shouldn't take them to your mind and heart. When you feel good, you should just be grateful, that's it and move on. When you down on account of something bad happened, you shouldn't give too much importance to it. Life is full of grace and disgrace, just be aware that nothing is permanent. Only uncertainties are certain. Despite all these you will have turbulent time and you will also feel heat and depressed but you will overcome that phase easily and move on in your endeavor.