Will Donald Trump’s presidency be a bad news for women?

Will Donald Trump’s presidency be a bad news for women?

Will Donald Trump’s presidency be a bad news for women?

Among his many talents, Donald Trump is also popular for his misogynistic comments on women. He is someone who you can either hate or admire. There is no middle ground. People are either his devoted followers for the hope he shows them in a better and safer America or loath him for his derogatory comments on women, other communities and nations.

Among his many haters, feminists are the most agitated ones and rightly so because he never leaves a chance to offend women. He has called women ‘fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals’ and never apologized. Feminists are of the view that if he is elected to be the President, it is going to be doomed years for women all across the country.


1. Insults: From Megyn Kelly to popular women like Sarah Jessica Parker, Rosie O’Donnell, Cher, Bette Midler and many more, Trump never let an occasion go when it came to insulting women. Being annoyed at someone is understandable but insulting them to extreme levels of misogyny is not. A man who can’t respect women cannot be expected to do anything worthy.

2. Outdated patriarch: He was quoted saying that sexual assaults are totally expected in the military because you put men and women together in an extreme situation. Here the world is talking about how women are breaking boundaries with their extraordinary talent and strength and being a part of military and air force and here is one man running for president with his outdated thoughts.

3. Objectifying women: He has time and again objectified women by calling them assets and useful only for their sex appeal. In one of his speeches he went ahead to say that it is looks that really matter for a woman and she has to be hot in order to be a journalist. He called all women gold-diggers because they hate prenups.

4. On maternity: He is all for reducing maternity leave to six weeks only and says no to paternity leave enforcing that taking care of children and household is the duty of a woman and not a man. Women can say goodbye to liberation and equality if this man gets elected. He accused a lady lawyer of being disgusting when she needed a break to pump breastmilk for her infant child. To top that up he doesn’t support equal pay for both men and women.

5. Manipulative: He says that women are manipulative and make men do whatever they want with ‘a twitch of eye or perhaps another body part.’ He offended Hillary in the worst possible way by saying that if she couldn’t keep her husband satisfied, she is no good for America. According to this man Angelina Jolie is unattractive because she dated too many guys.

6. Straightaway masochistic: He says that because he is rich and powerful women fawn over him. He even went on to say that all the ladies in ‘The Apprentice’ had to rely on sex appeal to be successful and that they all are super into him and flirted with him for his power and money.


1. He’s just an attention seeker: Google Trump and they give you a list of things he said about women that were outrageous. He is rich and powerful, no doubt, and all he needed was people to know him. He might not be as misogynistic as he sounds and might be giving out those statements to appeal authoritarians, racists, xenophobic and misogynists.

2. He follows the rule of equal pay: While he says outrageous things about women, those working in his company have been seen praising him for his rules of equal pay and giving important roles to women. He simply says things that he believe will make him stand out without thinking of what the media will make of it.

3. He has friends: Racists and misogynists do not have friends from other culture and religion. He has black sponsors. His rallies have often been opened by black women and even a Hispanic woman. Immigrants have also known to speak at his rallies. He has Muslim friends, business partners and clients despite speaking all against them.

Donald Trump is either a shrewd politician or someone who really believes in what he says or both. It is difficult to determine but he cannot really be expected to be popular among women when he outrageously defames and offends them with whatever he says. Indeed women cannot think of a better environment for their career and work places as Trump goes on determine how they are supposed to behave.
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  • RE: Will Donald Trump’s presidency be a bad news for women? -Vasan (09/29/16)
  • Donald Trump is a popular leader and his vow for a safer America is the reason for gaining him popularity. His language against women have not gone well among them. They even swear if he gets elected, it will be doomed years for women in America. He has, on many occasions in his speeches, described women in an unpleasant way. It will be interesting to see the outcome of presidency election and faith of Donald Trump at the backdrop his obnoxious voice against women.