Window to protect men from false accusations is necessary too?

Window to protect men from false accusations is necessary too?

Window to protect men from false accusations is necessary too?

Women and child development minister Maneka Gandhi has asked the National Commission for Women to open windows to protect men who are falsely accused in cases of domestic violence, dowry, rape, etc. Amid talks of women empowerment and protecting them from the wolves in the society, we seem to have forgotten that not every man is a wolf that and neither is every woman a lamb.

After the Delhi bus rape, focus has been on protecting the dignity of women and ensuring that the accused gets punished. This has also led to so many false accusations from women seeking some kind of monetary benefits from men.

No, it is needless!

1. Laid back law

Indian laws that are there to prevent cruelty and injustice against women are already too laid back to give them justice. The window would only create a loophole through which not just falsely accused but also the convicts would take escape. We do not want laws to be any more bent in the favour of men than it already is. Justice is already delayed and denied in most cases.

2. Counter complaint

Hardly a small fraction of the women who are abused turn up to file cases against the convict who in most cases is someone related to her. This window would only open a counter complaint device for men who have cases against them. Woman would be made to think whether there really is any point in filing the complaint. It would eventually lead to further decline in the number of cases being filed even though crime against women would show no decline.

3. Other avenues

There is National Human Rights Commission that takes care of these matters of false accusations. The Men’s Right campaigns also help in these matters. But to bring this matter under NCW would be unnecessary and against the main agenda of its setup. It was meant to hear the plight of women first always. There are laws that protect the rights and dignity of men too.

Yes, men are framed too!

1. Rise in cases

It has been found that recently the numbers of false accusation cases have increased. Half of the rape and harassment cases filed were later found to be false claims in order to get monetary benefits from the accused. While we fight for the dignity of women, it is also our duty to ensure that innocent men do not fall into the pit of false cases from where it will be difficult for them to be rescued with so many legal bodies fighting with women, regardless of the fact that she could be the lying.

2. Loss of dignity

Even when acquitted, men who have faced rape or domestic violence charges are looked down upon by the society. They could be under immense mental torment even after acquittal which is usually ignored by the society concentrating only on atrocities against women. If women’s right bodies have the right to drag men to court, they are also to ensure that those tried under false allegations get justice too.

3. The general perception

The general perception of media and society does not recognize crime and violence against women. They are perceived to be the unfair sex who will be the convict if there is a case with a woman. They are to be protected against false accusation and in coming in terms with the post traumatic stress after being acquitted. The general perception has to change.

Yes, a window has to be opened for men to protect them from false accusations. However, a dipstick test to ensure that the window is not misused has to done too.
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  • RE: Window to protect men from false accusations is necessary too? -Window to protect men (04/27/18)
  • Women are not naive now, they are well verse of laws and can play victim card to frame a man. The laws should treat both as equal while pronouncing verdict. A man can be a victim of conspiracy, more often than not he is at the receiving end even before investigation. He is more vulnerable to character assassination on being accused. He and his family have to serve the brunt of society even after acquittal. We shouldn't rush and become judgmental against anyone.
  • RE: Window to protect men from false accusations is necessary too? -Protect men (03/14/18)
  • The topic in helm is apt for discussion because of changing circumstances of the society. We can't held a man guilty of wrong doing just by being framed by a woman. All women are not saint and all men are not spoiled brat. Mere accusations can't label a person guilty. Without a deep analysis and investigation , character assassination publicly should be stopped. Media shouldn't take any biased position. They should report but they shouldn't support without any evidence.
  • RE: Window to protect men from false accusations is necessary too? -sauraxxx (08/24/17)
  • such kind of window to protect men is necessary too. Now a day every indian woman is very much curious about the unlawful activities with her. Amid the curosity some of the evils between them is taking it wrong and making a bad use of it. Men who are innocent sometimes get in trap of false acquisition and become a victim of unnescessary blackmailing. we should create awareness among the people to encourage these kind of activities .
  • RE: Window to protect men from false accusations is necessary too? -Suman Kumr (08/23/17)
  • I think no separate window is necessary. What is required is the awareness to fight against false accusations.Just a filed case doesn't make anyone culprit, there are laws and ways to protect oneself against false allegations.Women should also be punished for their false statement,. By the way, let commission for women to work as such bodies are very necessary.
  • RE: Window to protect men from false accusations is necessary too? -Group Discussion (08/22/17)
  • Yes, this is very relevant subject and there should be adequate mechanism to protect men from any false charges of women. The society at large should be empowered and noise of everyone should be heard and adequate chances should be lent to prove his/her innocence. Women can't be crook, we shouldn't laid all laws considering this fact as there are many many examples where men are found victims of women's onslaught.