Wipro Placement Paper and Experience

Wipro is one of the companies which hires fresh candidates from the college campuses. They do not engage the candidates in group discussions - they usually ask to write a small essay on the given topic. This essay works as a way to check the presence of mind,

knowledge about day to day subject and English writing skills.

The written test usually last for 1 hr in which the candidate is required to answer 50 questions divided into 3 sections. The three sections are:

1. Aptitude - 20 questions
2. Verbal ability - 20 questions
3. Technical - 10 questions

Attempt all the three sections as they have a sectional cut off - you need to pass all the three sections to move to the next round.

You will also be required to write a short essay in 10 minutes on one of the current topics - My topic was "Do we need watchdogs in our

society?" Here are some tips to write a good essay:
- Do not jump into writing immediately as you are given the sheet.
- Take a minute or so to collect your thoughts on the topic and make a quick structure for your write up.
- Include a relevant example, if you can remember quickly.
- Write coherently, point wise.

Once you have done this base work in two minutes, you can use the remaining 8 minutes to put across your thoughts in words.

If you have made it through the written test, you will be required to face a technical test. This will be pretty easy - trying to assess your knowledge on basic technologies and the ones you have mentioned in your CV. Prepare well about the techniologies you have
worked on during your projects and trainings. This is where you can expect the questions from.

Those who clear the technical interview go to face the HR interview.

The type of questions you can expect during an HR interview are:

- Tell me something about your self.
- Why Wipro?
- What would you do if some other company offers you more salary?
- Why do you think should we hire you?
- Will you be happy to sign a bond?
- Will you be willing to relocate?
- Where do you see yourself after 5 years?
- Do you have any questions for us?

Make sure that you provide practical answers and prepare to answer the last question well - "Do you have any questions for us?" - this demostrates your initiative and interest in the job.

Our result was declared the next morning by our placement incharge and I was one of the lucky ones to be selected.

Good luck to you all! I hope this helps.
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