Would we gain anything by contacting the aliens?

Would we gain anything by contacting the aliens?


Most of the people around the world believe that the aliens, who are extraterrestrials visit the earth to monitor the progress of human beings.

But none could prove till date that aliens have a connection with the human beings. Aliens are generally described as small and spiny. Many scientists have reported about other types and sizes of the aliens.

Recently, archaeologists have found out the ancient remains of a women on a site near Chelyabinsk, which is a Russian city. Scientists tend to believe that it was the mortal remains of an alien, who invaded the earth.

But when we discuss about the invasion of aliens to our planet, a big question lies ahead of us. Would we gain anything by contacting these aliens?

Yes – Definitely, contacting the aliens would be of a great help!<

1. Adoption of new technology – It is believed that the aliens have a much better technology than what we humans have. Contacting them would help the human beings to gain knowledge about the new technology. It would be beneficial for us to use those technologies in our missions.

2. Invention of new civilization – Aliens do not come into the lime light because it is believed that they are afraid of the human beings. If we try to send out signals and messages to the space and other planets, it is sure that the aliens will come out of their comfort zone. This will help us to learn about a new civilization.

3. Learning of a new language – Most of the movies and soap operas have shown that the languages used by the aliens are based on mathematics. As we give a name to an individual, aliens allot numbers to their off springs. This will help us in learning the new, maybe scientific languages.

4. Extracting energy – There are certain movies such as “Koi Mil Gaya”, which show that aliens derive a lot of energy from the sun. They depend on the sun for food and their living. Their supernatural powers require the energy from the sun to create wonders. If we come in contact with the aliens, we would be able to extract such a unique technique of depending upon the sun directly.

Learn about evolution - Some aliens might be more evolved than us while some might be behind us. By studying them, we will be able to learn about the evolution of the universe and where we are heading.

No – We would face a loss, if we contact the aliens

1. Destruction – Keeping the contact with the aliens would turn out to be a great destruction of the planet earth. The aliens are more powerful than the human beings. We should not make a mistake by trusting these aliens as they might take the advantage of our friendship and try to destroy the earth.

2. Waste of money – To maintain a contact with the aliens, human beings have to spend a large amount of money. The government has to put in a lot of money for research and other communication process. Aliens cannot be attracted easily and thus, it would be a waste of money. Instead, the money should be wisely utilized to solve that issues that exist in our planet.

3. Waste of resources – The scientists believe that aliens might be in a need of natural resources such as minerals, salt etc and they constantly try to seek the help from the human beings on earth. If we maintain a contact with the aliens, they would definitely capture our resources and we would be left behind with nothing.

4. Under control – Too much of communication with the aliens or species of other planets may be harmful for the human beings. They may try to invade our planet and ultimately, they might conquer the planet earth.


When we look at the sky above, we always tend to ask a question to ourselves - “Are we alone in the universe”?

Many scientists have tried to give an answer to this question by stating that there is life outside the planet earth.

We should not try to too much into the other planets. It may affect the lives of the extraterrestrials or the aliens. Let them live their life peacefully in their own world.

We do not know what sort of supernatural power they have or how harmful they are? But it is said that, they are much more powerful than the human beings. Thus, we should a contact with them.
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  • RE: Would we gain anything by contacting the aliens? -contacting the aliens (05/31/18)
  • Since ages scientists are tolling hard to contact aliens with no concrete proof of success. But still many keep unwavering faith that aliens do exists and we should know about them. In this backdrop, there are many research centers burning money to unearth the existence of aliens. We do get imaginary images of them every now and then and most often in Hollywood movies. The production houses of movies on aliens are only section who minted money out of their imaginary story. It is difficult to comment as to what benefit would we reap by locating aliens? There can only be two outcome - either we will invade them if they are weaker or they will destroy us if they are technologically advanced.
  • RE: Would we gain anything by contacting the aliens? -contacting the aliens (05/12/18)
  • There is no concrete evidence of aliens' existence, we are just beating around the bush. Every now and then we get a morph picture of aliens and their aircraft in the new channel and on social media. Many imaginary movies have been released on aliens and all have one common feature that is they are way ahead than us technically. Scientists are trying to establish connection with unknown and the reasons for contacting them are still not clear. Finding aliens will be a big blow or boon, it's the time only to convey.
  • RE: Would we gain anything by contacting the aliens? -bob (03/02/17)
  • we should because THEIR FABULOUS

  • RE: Would we gain anything by contacting the aliens? -Vikas Bhardwaj (08/01/15)
  • Hi Friends,

    I know its a very tricky thing to contact those which we have not seen. But we have not seen air but that doesn't mean it is not there.
    Now, I believe that aliens are there but contacting them i don't thing will gain anything why?
    Because, I think that they already know we are here and they know we are not ready for them. That is why they are not contacting us or else the general public is not told about that.
    We should first tackle the problems that we are currently facing. As it require 150-300 days to reach the nearest planet, so to reach somewhere in universe by our current technology is a Joke to say the least.
    This means if some thing is coming here or come here they would be light years ahead of us.
    Technological advancement are required to make this world better place to live and also evolve our self that much that we can be able to give others rather than always thinks to get from others.

    Thanks for reading my thoughts
  • RE: Would we gain anything by contacting the aliens? -priyangah (07/30/15)
  • Hi friends,
    First of all i would start by saying,curiosity is not a sin.Man is curious about finding life on the rest of the universe.Of course by contacting them we gain insight on how earth came to exist and how we,humans came into that picture.Not trying is not gonna take us anywhere.So i go with yes,we could acquire a lot of knowledge by finding aliens.
  • RE: Would we gain anything by contacting the aliens? -Deepa Kaushik (07/30/15)
  • We are discussing a subject about which none of the human beings know any confirmed thing. Aliens are reported a few times by few people / scientists. But none of them have any proof for theifr existence. Nobody have seen more than a flashing sight of these so-called aliens. So, instead of discussing the profit and loss proportion from the alien world, we should ideally discuss the existence of these aliens.

    We have many concerns andissues that are on the alarming stage and is threatening the existence of human species on earth. Rather than wasting time on some subject which has no confirmed profit equation, we can devote our energy and resorces in resolving our hard-pressing issues.

    We cannot comment on profit or loss from the alien friendship, in case they exist. How can we discuss a futuristic plan for something we know nothing about? It is a topic just to waste our valuable time in thinking of the pros and cons of a may-be friendship with someone whose existence is also not sure. Very correctly said, let them live in their world peacefully; and try to make human lives peaceful first with the existing resources.