Would women’s IPL be a welcome move?

Would women’s IPL be a welcome move?

Would women’s IPL be a welcome move?

The Indian women cricket team’s brilliant performance in the world cup campaign has us beaming in extreme pride. Few years back it would be vague to call for an Indian Premier League for women but now that their potentials are out in the open, there should be no reason to deny that Mithali Raj is absolutely right in saying that this could be a near possibility.

The women’s cricket team needs more exposure for sure but is IPL the right path for this? Most importantly, will people of the country welcome the move and show as much support to women in blue as they have been doing for men in blue?


1. Proven their stature

The support of people towards the women cricket team has improved considerably over the world cup campaign. Their excellent performances have the public dumbstruck and swell with pride. Harmanpreet Kaur’s powered innings has become the face of women’s strength in the game. Jarrod Kimner of ESPN wrote about her, “You could bowl her a grenade, and she’d blow you up with it.”

2. Encourage

It is high time we show support to the girls who made the game spectacular to watch and appreciate the power they can depict in a game that has majorly been dominated by men. It is no more a men’s game. IPL would be just the right move to encourage and expose domestic players as well. More and more girls would come forth to be a part of the blue team in times to come but only when we encourage the present lot that earned the cherishing.

3. More opportunities

More games, more opportunities would open up with IPL for women. It would not only improve the cricket of the team by practicing more but also lead to more and more involvement of media as well as public which will be a huge boost of morality for girls. They are in absolute need of this as they have always faced issues of less popularity compared to men’s games.

4. Australia has

The Big Bash League in Australia is exclusively for women. It has not only given them exposure at large but also created a lot of viewership and publicity for them, improvising their cricket to a great extent. If they can do it, our girls in blue can do it too. With the structuring of BCCI, it is possible that the women IPL team could garner the same kind of viewership and popularity.

5. Prospect

Former Indian cricketer Shantha Rangaswamy rightly stated that girls that show a lot of potential for playing good cricket are usually discouraged because of the lack of viewership in India and change career. This could be tackled by starting IPL for women.


1. Not much to offer at present

It is only recently that the women’s cricket team got some recognition for their splendid game. There is also a lack of viewership in India. Unless they go on to win some big tournaments in future, there will be serious lack of support for their IPL.

2. Too early to predict

They played spectacularly well this time but it is still too early to expect that sponsors will be ready to pitch in for this format meant for women exclusively. The doubts will have to be removed and that can happen only over some more time.

Yes, there will be doubts and predicaments in the beginning but in order to gain momentum, a start has to be made and the sooner it is introduced the better it will be for young girls to pursue their passion for cricket. If there has to be more Mithali Raj, Jhulan Goswami and Harmanpreet Kaur for cricket in tomorrow’s India, the preparations have to be begin now.
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  • RE: Would women’s IPL be a welcome move? -women’s IPL (05/31/18)
  • Women's IPL will provide many youngsters to showcase their talent. Many young talent will come to the fore which will boost up our bench strength. Playing along side foreign players has a huge benefits giving chance to learn many new skills. Women's IPL will see the bright light sooner than later, it won't garner same zeal as men's IPL, but it will surely inspire many women to take up sports as career. The glitz and glamour of IPL will send strong message everywhere that sports are viable career for women as well.
  • RE: Would women’s IPL be a welcome move? -Women’s IPL - group discussion (05/13/18)
  • Men's IPL is gaining popularity with each passing year, it is one of the biggest league in the world. Indian cricket has been enjoying success in the international events courtesy to IPL that has given many world class players. With its money power, foreign players are also hugely fan of this mega events. In this backdrop, it is not bizarre if the clamour for women's IPL is gaining momentum. It's gonna see day light sooner than later and will surely attract many eyeballs.
  • RE: Would women’s IPL be a welcome move? -women’s IPL - group discussion (04/11/18)
  • Yes, women's IPL will see the day light soon more so because of the laurel they are bringing making us beaming with pride. Rightly said it would be vague to think few years back. Let's not see women's IPL from entertainment point of view, it will instill a lot of confidence to women contingents and provide financial benefits, more and more women will contemplate to take up sports career. Initial predicaments would be there if sponsors would pitch in for this format or not, sooner doubts will settle down given the craze that we have for cricket in India.
  • RE: Would women’s IPL be a welcome move? -Balakrishna (04/06/18)
  • Yes. IPL has brought in good players for the country. Like wise it will be a platform for the women players to prove their talent. The teams power always lie in the bench strength of that team(in any sport). Hence to motivate we can have a format for womens ipl too.
  • RE: Would women’s IPL be a welcome move? -Group Discussion (03/26/18)
  • Men's IPL is a prolific success not just financially but immensely help young players to cut into national team. Those being part of IPL are financially secured and competitiveness in the game has raised their skills. Young players get chance to rub shoulders with senior players leading to notch up their confidence. With women cricket gaining eyeballs after wonderful performance in the world cup, days are not far when women IPL will see the day light. Many women cricketers will be benefited and transformation in their ability to take more pressure would be visible in international game.
  • RE: Would women’s IPL be a welcome move? -Mayank (11/06/17)
  • In my opinion, we should give a chance to women to showcase their talent in from of the world.... because women cricket is also introduced many years back....so now it's time to give a proper appreciation which women cricketers deserve.....as we can say tha in Australia also....there is league equivalent to men's cricket league..which is big bash league....and our 3 Indian women players are selected for the women big bash league..which is very proud thing for our country....so now it's our time to give a deserving chance to our... women cricketers....
  • RE: Would women’s IPL be a welcome move? -ShiviAr (11/04/17)
  • If we look at a trend that has been going on in India since more than 60 years, the role of women has always been transforming. Earlier, there used to be no women in public or corporate jobs, but now they are. There were no women managers, but now, every firm has at least one. On the similar lines, there were no female players representing India in Olympics or any other sports championship, but now female candidates just shine wherever they go. Women IPL would be a good move for the International players as it would bring them much more motivation to play accompanied with more fame and respect. Furthermore, this will be a morality booster for those Indian women cricket players who didn't got a chance to play for the country.
  • RE: Would women’s IPL be a welcome move? -Shruti Shrabya (11/03/17)
  • Yes, women's IPL should be a welcome move. As, IPL has given platform to male cricketers like, to showcase their talent, provide healthy livelihood and experience of playing with the best players, so, is expected for women's team. Players like, Mithali Raj, Harmanpreet Kaur and other team players should also be given same treatment. The public support towards the women's cricket team tells the importance gained by their achievement. The game is no more of men's; it is time when we can show support for the girls who made the game eye-catching. This can open more opportunities for girls to come out for sports. So, to see rising girls player, the preparation should begin from now!