Would you advocate women on the front line in army?

Would you advocate women on the front line in army?

Earlier in this month, the defense minister Mr. Manohar Parrikar disclosed the latest figures on permanent commission. The report stated that the army has granted permanent commission to as many as 340 lady officers till now. The figure is miniscule considering there are more than 60,000 lady officers in the vast 1.3 million armed forces.

The country's military brass and civilian leadership, still state combat roles for lady officers as a strictly no-go area due to cultural, operational and practical problems. So, even if some lady officers have managed to get Permanent Commission, they cannot serve on warships or fly fighters. In present world, when women and men have equal opportunities, why it is that lady officers’ are still technically banned for combat roles. Should Women Be Permitted On The Front Line In Army?


- Women are just as strong, intelligent and as capable as their male counterparts. Therefore, gender factor should be excluded from the deciding factors.

- Although there are some major differences between genders, like men have more physical strength than women, strength alone cannot be deciding a factor. As a matter of fact, the strength that really matters is strength of heart and mind. Lady Officers can be as physically fit as the men with the help of training.

- Not only women, but there could be many men who may not be emotionally resilient enough or physically strong enough to combat on the front line. To discount on basis of gender is to lose a potential candidate.

- Men and women work together in several other areas without adversely affecting their judgment. It is even true in stressful work areas like paramedics and police officers. There are defined guidelines in every work space for personal associations and other aspects of non-professional life.


- It is believed that it is natural tendency of men to become protective for women in tough conditions. If women are allowed to combat on the front line then probably men would get busier in protecting their female colleagues at the cost of their own life.

- The emotions can cloud male officials’ judgment. If lady officers are permitted on the front line, the relationships would be established. This could result in increased problems as male soldiers will be more concerned about the safety of their female partner than on the main job. Also, if a relationship ends badly, it can affect officers working lives.

- Another problem is the issue of hostages. There is no doubt that women can be mentally strong like their male counterparts. However, if they are taken as hostage they could be subjected to many other problems like rape and physical torture. Such incidences can leave the lady officials with more physical and emotional wounds which may never heal in life.

- In the army, the priority should be more on security. If a matter like inclusion of women in combat roles can create the differences, it should be left apart. It is a known fact that a major percentage of the junior commission officers are not willing to accept woman officer as their leader.


The very fact that government is trying to get women on front line is noteworthy and appreciable. It is also true that time is changing as women are working at par with men in various sectors. However, advocating for women equality in all the sectors is not a fair idea. The admission of women in combat roles will create problems. Just for the sake of satisfaction of one sector of society, the security of country cannot be compromised.
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  • RE: Would you advocate women on the front line in army? -nahida (08/27/15)
  • "Every indivisual is born to prosper. So, women have the same dignity and rights to live with, as men have.
    Our motherland is the icon of a womanhood scaling the height of valour and stirring the deep of softness. Isnt it humurous to exclude women for cntributing theirs part?
    physicl activeness is not a just measure to discriminate women from men. It is not that the women lack this. Lady gymnasts show their zeal of physical flexibility, activeness their beauty to tone themselvs to the curve of situation.
    also, women are emotionally strong and keen enough to handle a situation in a cmposed way. Yet opportunities should be given on the base of indivisual capability, not the gender specifics.....
    Yes, i agree with deepa ji,,,,, every citizen have the right to serve their motherland, not the obligation of manhood or woamhood.
    "woman has shown her responsibility in every sector and it is veru unkind to prohibit a daughter's heart from serving her motherland""
  • RE: Would you advocate women on the front line in army? -bharadwaja reddy (08/27/15)
  • yes i advocate women on the in the army because women are just as strong ,intelligent and as capable as their male counter parts.therefore, gender factor should be excluded from the deciding factor and also the the defence is the crucial field for each&and every citizen of the country .indian army not only implies the safety & security of the country,but it also carries the image of the nation which adds to its pride
  • RE: Would you advocate women on the front line in army? -Deepa Kaushik (08/18/15)
  • Advocating women on front line of the army is altogether a separate discussion, which should not be clubbed with women empowerment or women equality. We are talking of the defence system which is a very crucial field for each and every citizen of the country. Indian army not only implies the safety and security of the country, but it also carries the image of the nation which adds to its pride.

    Women are definitely strong mentally and they have immense will power to sustain any situation. They are very bold and courageous. But we cannot deny the fact that women cannot match the physical strength of men. When talking of Indian army, we cannot say that the enemy nation would comprise only of women and they would be treated with due respect and dignity.

    We are living in a nation where we consider our females to be our pride. Any kind of physical assault on women is considered an offense. In such a scenario, we cannot leave our females at stake into the border forces. We cannot leave scope for our females to be prey for the enemy army men who might or might not treat her with due respect.

    If we leave this single point from our consideration, then there is no other point in avoiding women from front line of our army. Our women are no less than men in pledging their lives for our country. For the respect that our females bear for our motherland, they should get the same respect and dignity in return from our men, who should have the tendency to be cautious in protecting the females of our nation.
  • RE: Would you advocate women on the front line in army? -gopal agrawal (08/17/15)
  • yes i would if any women has the potential to do it then i would surely advocate her ...if she has the confidence she can do it i will boost it up ...taking into consideration that whether female relationship will affect a male personal attention then i think that men who goes for a war always think of a nation first then for its life ...if such was not a case he wouldnt go for a war where he himself is not sure whether he would return or not