Would you trust a social polling app for your decisions?

Would you trust a social polling app for your decisions?


The technology is developing day by day, not only around the world but also in India. Earlier, social networking apps such as Facebook and Twitter invaded the Indian society. And now, it is the turn of social polling apps.

Recently, India launched one of its first social polling app named “Whatsay”. The app allows the users to create and send visual polls. There are more than 25 categories which are available in the app.

Within few days of its invention, it has proved to be a great companion of Facebook.

Now, let's take a look at the trustworthiness of polling through such apps and if you can trust a social polling app to make your decisions?

Yes – You can trust the app!

Millions of people – In India, when an app or a new software is launched, people are always attracted to it, at least for the first few days. The social polling apps are not just for you but for millions of people across the country. As it is used by a lot of people, you can definitely trust the app.

Different opinions - The social polling apps carries the opinions of various people. Most of the people do a complete research on the topic and then, post a comment. Thus, a lot of research lies behind a comment. Hence, you can trust these apps for your decisions.

Scrutiny – Each and every thing, which is posted on a social polling apps goes through a careful scrutiny before it is being published. Thus, you can rely on a comment in order to make any decision.

Inclusion of identity – Before posting a comment on the social polling app, the user has to provide his name and mail id and other basic details. By providing such details, the user do not dare to provide any wrong fact or content.

No – Decisions can't be made based on what others say!

Irrelevant facts – The social polling apps are used by millions of people across the world. Few people post the comments or their opinions, without doing any research work. Thus, you cannot depend on such comments.

Privacy – Such apps do not carry a perfect privacy policy. It may give the other users an access to your personal information. Thus, you should avoid your dependence on social polling apps to make any decision.

Fake identities – A lot of people create fake profiles on such apps and misuse the purpose of social polling apps. They may tend to post any vulgar or abusive comments. Irrelevant comments may affect the knowledge of a person in a negative way.

Missing human angle - There's always a intangible human angle associated with an issue. You can't view everything black and white depending on these apps.


All the social networking sites or social polling apps carry some sort of threats along with its positive features. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that he/ she uses technology effectively and responsibly.
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  • RE: Would you trust a social polling app for your decisions? -Deepa Kaushik (07/31/15)
  • Social polling apps are a good source of knowledge regarding the recent worldly happenings. Being handy, these apps update us the latest occurances and the burning issues in our country and world. It is not all that bad to trust these polling apps.

    People who scroll and download such applications are ususally those who are interested in social occurances. And they do have some knowledge regarding the matter before they go ahead with posting their comments. Still when we talk of making decisions and having some opinion on certain issue, it should be from our own senses and should not be altered by the opinions and views posted on these polling apps. Desicion making power should be the individuals' own authority which should remain unadulterated by any other resourse.

    A confirm and correct desicion could be made only if the person has good understanding of the matter, so that they can have their own views and opinion regarding the issue. Though our words in the comments should be mighter enough to pronounce our opinion loudly, still an intellectual person can have a good differentiation between understanding and being decisive regarding any particular matter.