Would you undergo a knife to fix your looks?

Would you undergo a knife to fix your looks?


Going under the knife has become quite a trend among celebrities and common people as well. There is a saying that is doing rounds on internet – your cosmetic surgeon can give you what God hasn’t. In the earlier days of its conception, plastic surgery was opted for by those who met accidents that scarred their face or any other body part.

Now that plastic surgery has become the answer to enhancing face and features, it is being analyzed that people are so crazy about getting everything right for their face that they would go under the knife for as many times as possible unless they are satisfied with the look – or finally realize that the blunder is beyond repair. There are so many instances of cosmetic surgery going awfully wrong and yet celebrities never fail to surprise us.

A recent news stated that a mother disowned her daughter owing to the fact that she would just not stop going under knife again and again to get her features right. Millions are spent each year in the cosmetic surgery industry and they are only escalating because people just won’t give up.

Yes, I would!

1. Enhances looks : Not everyone is born with the perfect nose and pouty lips that every girl dreams of. If a girl wants to go into the fashion industry and make a career there, along with talent she will need extraordinarily perfect features too. One could be a brilliant actor but bland features, which makes it difficult for them to take the next leap in career. Going under the knife has been exceptionally blissful for most of our actresses in Bollywood and Hollywood too.

2. Raising confidence : You could be extremely capable of earning yourself high accords in your fields but an ugly facial feature could be keeping you back since you feel not the least bit confident or presentable. You shy from bringing out your talent to the world for the fear of humiliation and mockery for your physical appearance. Cosmetic surgery could be your savior and with better looks, it is undeniable that your self-confidence and self-esteem will get a boost like never before.

3. Recommended for health conditions : There are cases where doctors do recommend that one goes under the knife of the betterment of their health. A busty woman, for instance, could be suffering from pain and pressure on backs and shoulders due to extra weight. Breast reduction surgery does help them in shrinking the pain, which left untreated could cause serious health issues later, to a great extent. Lifting around eye and forehead, for instance, can help reduce eye pain and headache. If absolutely needed or as advised by doctor, people shouldn’t shy away from cosmetic surgery.

4. Socialize : Better looks, boosted confidence, and positive spirit can go a long way in improving your social skills and hence helping you make new friends and open up to people you have long wanted to hang out with. Even in professional life, new found self-esteem can help you build up communication skills which could bring good news to your career. You might not need to be shy and introvert whenever you want to put on your dancing shoes and have some fun.

No, I won’t!

1. High cost : All the good looks and features to die for come with a price tag – not a normal price indeed for a common person. The cost of plastic surgery if done at the hands of expert professionals is large enough to burn multiple holes in your pocket. Since it is highly recommended that you go for only expert surgeons for plastic surgery, there is no cost cutting and unless you have inherited big or earned more than you need, there is no way you can do this without facing a financial crisis.

2. Going wrong : There is and will be always some risk that the cosmetic surgery could go awfully wrong and you could end up looking like a disaster in motion. There are many examples of celebrities who looked much better before going under the knife and who emerged a total failure after the surgery. It could go wrong that you are forced to think about going under the knife once again at a chance of looking better this time but for all you know, you could end up looking more awful.

3. Socially awkward moments : Those who have not known you before the cosmetic surgery will act indifferent but those who have known you will definitely judge you, most of the times in all wrong terms. They are going to tag you with labels of shallow, materialistic, fake or someone with low self-esteem and God help you if you end up looking worse. Some will definitely support you, but there will always be that comparison to keep reminding you that you had to go under the knife to get those looks.

4. Medical risks : There are multiple risks of going under the knife and some of those have been known to create disaster. People might end up getting the wrong or inexperienced surgeon which could lead to disasters like skin infection, muscle and tissue damage, scarring of skin, nerve damage, blood clots and of course the danger of being put under anesthesia.

5. Unrealistic expectations : People usually have unrealistic expectations before cosmetic surgery which could lead to serious disappointment later. They totally ignore the fact that plastic surgery could only enhance your features and not change it to a completely different disguise. You cannot expect to wake up like Priyanka Chopra or Angelina Jolie just because you went under cosmetic surgery at the hands of one of the most expensive surgeons.

6. Maintenance : One has to understand that like any other unnatural change, this will also need maintenance in order to be kept perfect. You may have to part with more money and patience to keep up the good work done to your skin. Your surgeon might recommend another surgery after every few months or years.


Plastic surgery is a personal option – might work for some and go totally wrong for others depending upon who they trusted with their face and body. People need to research well and consult experts to know what would work for them and what wouldn’t. Going under the knife has turned out both good and bad for different people and there is no misjudging from them.

The social stigma attached to plastic surgery is traumatic. People make shrewd judgment on people who underwent plastic surgery, irrespective of the fact that they look good or worse. The main reason why celebrities have constantly denied going under the knife even when it is clear that they have had a nose or lip job done is the fear of being judged by people.
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