Yoga is a science of inner well-being, not religion

Yoga is a science of inner well-being, not religion

What is yoga?

Yoga is a practice which involves your body, mind and soul. The origin of yoga is dated back to the Vedic age. Today, some people also practice it as a religion. But the fact is yoga is not a religion, it is a practice which is adopted by many people to attain peace and maintain bodily harmony. Yoga involves meditation and it has been a part of the society since ages.

Recently, in a speech in the US, Narendra Modi stated that yoga should be widely practiced across the globe. United Nations declared June 21 as International Yoga Day.

Many people are of the view that yoga is a part of Hinduism. It has also led to several controversies. The fact is that people from this religion (the early ascetics) were the first to practice it. It does not mean that yoga belongs to this religion. Patanjali, the inventor of yoga, did not teach that yoga is Hindu or Muslim.

Yoga is a science.

Science has proved that the whole of the universe depends on one energy and yoga means to get united. Practicing yoga brings all your energy forms together and keeps you healthy. We have many machines and tools to repair damaged things. In the same way, yoga is used to repair and maintain your body and mind.

Yoga does not give you a religion but a methodology to follow. It helps you understand your mind, body, actions and emotions. Yoga is used for medicinal purposes. It helps cure ailments like asthma. In a recent study by the researchers it was found that yoga reduces BMI (Body Mass Index), cholesterol and the risk of heart attack. Yoga costs less than the huge amount you spend on machines in a gym. It is particularly helpful for people for whom exercising at the gym is difficult.

Yoga is a process wherein you modify yourself continuously. It is a science that teaches us how to remove our physical and mental problems and improve our attitude towards life. Thus, yoga is the solution to retain your inner well being and anything which does all this is beneficial for all human beings on the earth and can’t be bound be religion.
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  • RE: Yoga is a science of inner well-being, not religion -nirja (08/20/18)
  • yoga is purely based on physiology it is not related with any religion b ut in india baba ramdev re introduced in society hence it is taken in a wrong way,.it is a balanced process of doing exercise to keep body fit and more importantly disease free.. for every type of disease there is a particular type of set of exercise er there.
  • RE: Yoga is a science of inner well-being, not religion -Shubhangi Jain (09/12/15)
  • hello friends.... according to me ,yoga is exercise that you help to understand your body as well as your brain. You can compare yoga with for example- machine on which a person is working do not ask him about his religion, it just do its work.... in the same way yoga works for every person without asking about its religion.... today there is need to change your thinking....
  • RE: Yoga is a science of inner well-being, not religion -Rajat Gupta (09/11/15)
  • Hi everyone.. Please try to understand that Yoga is not simply exercise. There are 5 types of yoga..Karma yoga, Dhyan yoga, Hattha Yoga, Gyan Yoga and Bhakti Yoga.

    What you all are discussing is Hattha yoga. Hattha Yoga is not simply a type of gymnastics. The entire aim of Yoga is to understand what is body, mind and soul to understand "Who am I ?" . when a person attains perfection of Yoga by any of the 5 processes.. he/she can understand his/her real identity and can start the journey towards the Ultimate Goal.

    Actually YOGA IS A RELIGION. provided one understand's the meaning of religion. It is not a kind of fanatic ritualistic activity. A person cannot be called religious if he practice the so-called rituals to get his selfish motives satisfied.

    RELIGION MEANS TO LOVE GOD. TO FOLLOW HIS ORDERS. any process which helps to love god (Provided the process is approved by scriptures) is yoga.
  • RE: Yoga is a science of inner well-being, not religion -Abhishek (01/17/15)
  • Hello friends
    i truely apreceat Others point but according to my knowledge and point of view religion and yoga are the two face of a coin. As we know lord budha dosent had any goal in his life before but after sitting in meditation under bodhi tree he got some spiritual knowledge which we can simply say in scientific laguage that his brain got activated to some more percent and this helps him to spread peace in throughout the world. I simply mean to say yoga is a science of creating and developing tha real religion that is humanity whice has been lost now a day.
    thank you
  • RE: Yoga is a science of inner well-being, not religion -Renukasrikanth (01/17/15)
  • Regarding the topic Yoga as a science of inner -being and not religion , definitely i would agree that Yoga which was founded by Patanjali is a journey to inner self, which changes our attitude towards life.. It generates optimism to every aspect of life .. It isn't religion and if noticed people from all over the world and all religions practice yoga to attain peace and tranquility and to maintain good health..
    Yes, it is the cheapest option to stay in shape and in my opinion it's the best way to know our body better..
  • RE: Yoga is a science of inner well-being, not religion -Akhand Tripathi (01/11/15)
  • Hi Friends,

    In agreement of all the viewpoints given above , i want to give an instance to keep my view on this.

    when people are sick they rush to hospitals, clinics etc....have in any of the places we have been asked for the religion we belong to ? definitely not....

    and in the country like india this must be followed.

    same applies to the Yoga, this is mere science, nobody should claim this on basis of religion , all should get benefited from this.

    feel it, get peace.
  • RE: Yoga is a science of inner well-being, not religion -kamlesh (01/05/15)
  • hello friends...
    i want to add my point in this regard..that yoga is not is science of inner wll bieng....i m agree with ur is a kind of science of inner well bieng ...
    we can't see yoga as part of one religion..its for all the people of different religion...
    it is the cheapest way to keep your body fit.....
  • RE: Yoga is a science of inner well-being, not religion -Deepa Kaushik (01/03/15)
  • Yes, Yoga is science and not religion. Yoga is a form of excercise in simple terms. Religion and yoga are two different things. If a type of excercise at a gym is foremost started by a person fro Christian community, that doesn't imply that the exercise is spreading Christianity.

    We need to understand the significance of religion in a life of person. Religion is just a part of the life. We should not mingle every aspect in life with religion. Considering yoga as religion is like segregating different food grain to different religion. Of this expression seems foolish then considering yoga to be a religion is also mere foolishness.

    Yoga is a science which implements the maintainance of body and soul. It lies on reviving the potential and freshena the outlook. The energy level is rejuvenated with this form.of science. It is a very good measure for those who wants to keep their health in order and keep themselves fit. It is definitely a nice form of excersicing especially for those who lack enough money to be spent on gyms, still want to maintain themselves equally.

    Hence, we should appreciate the values of yoga and implement the same in practice instead of considering and refusing to practice the same in name of religion.