Youth in India are becoming greedy by the day

Youth in India are becoming greedy by the day

With the BPO Culture coming in, it has brought with itself the flow of easy money, which the youth have got used to it and want easy and quick money in life.


- The ‘neo-liberalisation’ in the country has resulted in ‘commodification’ of society making the younger generation greedy for money
- Better and multiple opportunities in front of them has made them not only greedy but also they resent from doing hard work
- Because of ample amount of money involved in jobs in international companies and locations, students want to settle down in abroad for quick flow of money
- In the western culture it has seen that, every product is made sellable, which is the culture quickly adopted by young Indians hence making them greedy


- A lot of young individuals aim at earning more money, some due to family and financial circumstances, and some just want to lead a luxurious life hence aim to earn more money, and to fulfil this aim they often lead to adopt ways in which they can earn more and easy money
- With the BPO culture coming in, the companies hire people by giving huge remuneration and hence builds peer pressure and the other individuals are also often motivated to earn quick money
- It gives the individual a luxurious life at a very early stage
- People who are highly ambitious or extremely influenced by their peers often forget to discriminate between right and wrong to earn money and adopt to illegal ways as well


The need for a luxurious life at an early stage has resulted the younger generation to become greedy and opt for measures that can make them earn more and more money quickly.
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  • RE: Youth in India are becoming greedy by the day -Deepa Kaushik (04/19/14)
  • Youth in India are undoubtedly focussed to make money and become richer as soon as possible. But if we talk of easy money, it is still doubtful, whether they make money all that easily.

    The introduction of BPO culture into the country has definitely changed the mind-set of the individuals in the country. They are running towards fast into the darkness in search of glittering gold. Alas! They have forgotten the phrase “All that glitters is not gold”. Young India is ready to do anything and everything to make good heavy bank balance with all sorts of assets and luxurious living all before their 40s of age.

    We cannot call the youth today as lazy people or they don’t want to do any hard work. The work in rotational shifts, skip their meals, don’t care for their health, work under high pressure for extended hours; all these hardships just to earn more and provide their family a life of luxury.

    Young India is definitely turning greedier day by day. They don’t have any patriotism for their country, or honesty. They are ready to lead a life of falsity and forgery. They don’t care to get settled in any part of the world, all they need is money, money and money.
  • RE: Youth in India are becoming greedy by the day -shubhamsinghania (03/08/14)
  • hello frnds

    i agree to the above mentioned fact that the youth of our country is crazy behind money but lets do a thought experiment in todays world where life has becme so competitive where even after working for full day a man is not living in a comfortable state .

    how many of us will remain satisfied with owning a cooler or having a two vehicle.
    i do agree that money is not everything in life but it is by far the thing where the law of diminishing marginal utility does not hold good.

    and therefore the youth is also suffering with the same in order to lead a better and comfortable life .

    and till.the time the youth is not engaged in something illegal or unethical theres nothing wrong in earning or desiring to earn money.

    moreover to quote"mentioning that money is not everything is very easy but when a person even falls ill he needs the same money to cure his illness.

  • RE: Youth in India are becoming greedy by the day -Rajani Sharma (01/20/14)
  • For:
    • The ‘neo-liberalisation’ in the country has resulted in ‘commodification’ of society making the younger generation greedy for money.

    • In today’s scenario the only motivation for today’s youth is money rather than personal satisfaction. They are selecting their courses with the expectation of getting better salary.

    • Youngsters want to make easy money and don’t want to work hard.

    • The main reason for their greediness is the opportunities they are getting nowadays as compared to past.

    • Their greediness is making them leave their own country to make more money. Instead of contributing to the growth of their own country they are going abroad.

    • The modern and luxurious life style has made them greedy for money. And in order to earn easy money they are choosing illegal and immoral ways which is regarded as breakdown to the moral standards of living in our country.

    • BPO culture in India has built peer pressure of earning more money.

    • It will be wrong to say that youth in India are becoming greedy. Their ambition is misunderstood as greediness.

    • Due to their family and financial circumstances, youngsters want to earn more money.

    • Many youngsters want to have a luxurious life for them and for their families. Thus this should not be mis conceptualised as greedy youth.

    • Ambitions should not be considered as greed. Every person has different ambitions in life. In the same way there are people with having ambition of becoming rich or earning huge amount of money. Thus, there is nothing wrong being passionate to drive their dreams with higher level of ambitions.

    • Youth of the present generation are working hard to achieve their aspirations. The progress can be seen in the achievement that India has gained.

    • Youth knows their responsibility towards their country. They are not driven by greed, but drive by the love which they have for their country.

    • Their efficiency and the competitive spirit make them run in the front line when compared with other countries. Their ambitions in life have given them this speed and made them active in grabbing the opportunities available.