20 W3C interview questions and answers


W3C interview questions and answers

1. What is the difference between Web and Internet? - W3C
2.What is the difference between open standard and open source software? - W3C
3.What is the function of Semantic Web? - W3C
4.What are the applications used in Semantic Web? - W3C
5.What is the purpose of building blocks of the W3C?
6.What is the purpose of tools used in W3C?
7.What is the use of description logic in W3C?
8.What is the difference between the RDF and XML? - W3C
9.What is the use of XML schemas? - W3C
10.What is the main purpose of HTML Meta headers? - W3C
11.What is the function of Microformats? - W3C
12.What is the function of GRDDL in microformats? - W3C
13.What are the new functionalities added in Web 2.0? - W3C
14.What is required to develop to export the data into RDF? - W3C
15.What is the provision to put all the data in public domain? - W3C
16.What is the main function of SKOS? - W3C
17.What is the process of exporting data from a Relational Database? - W3C
18.What are the root communities associated with W3C?
19.What is the main purpose of RDF? - W3C
20.What is the way to query the RDF data in W3C?

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