20 web browser interview questions and answers


Web browser interview questions and answers

1.What is the purpose of web browser?
2.What is the primary function of the Web browsers?
3.What are the different types of components involved in URI? - Web browser
4.What are the steps required after retrieving the data from the web browser?
5.What are the features used by Web browsers?
6.What are the users interfaces elements present in web browsers?
7.What are the privacy and security features being provided by web browsers?
8.What is the support being provided to web browser?
9.What are the reasons for slow loading of the web page? - Web browser
10.What are the configurations that can be used with the web pages? - Web browser
11.What are the limitations that can be put to decrease the time of loading the web page? - Web browser
12.What are the different web browser tools available to accelerate the speed of the web page?
13.What is the procedure to configure the web browser to accept or reject cookies?
14.What are the choices in case of cookies being used on the Web browser?
15.What are the ways to change the cookie setting using the web browser?
16.How does a web browser function?
17.What is the way to clear the browser cache?
18.What is the need to clear browser cache?
19.What is the use of incognito browsing? - Web Browser
20.Why are Proxy Servers used for Incognito Browsing?

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