20 web hosting interview questions and answers


Web hosting interview questions and answers

1.What are the problems faced while uploading the CGI scripts? - Web Hosting
2.What are the ways through which the files can be transferred to server? - Web Hosting
3.What is the use of Virtual Domain? - Web Hosting
4.What is the purpose of Shared hosting? - Web Hosting
5.What are the ways in which server hosting can be accomplished? - Web Hosting
6.What is the use of IP based hosting? - Web Hosting
7.What is the use of Name based hosting? - Web Hosting
8.What is the difference between Unix and Windows shared hosting services?- Web Hosting
9.What needs to be taken into consideration to host a website? - Web Hosting
10.What needs to be sort out for a website that needs to be uploaded on the hosting platform?
11.How many emails accounts those need to be taken in web hosting plan?
12.How does traffic measured in hosting platform? - Web hosting
13.What is the use of providing web hosting services?
14.What is the scope of web hosting services?
15.What are the features provided in web hosting?
16.What are the steps involved in uploading the files using FTP client software? - Web hosting
17.What is the formula used to determine reliability and uptime in web hosting?
18.What are the different types of hostings that exist? - Web Hosting
19.Where is the dedicated hosting service used? - Web Hosting
20.Why is cloud hosting important in the new generation? - Web Hosting

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